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Patrick Christys- -More people will die as a result of our response to Covid than from Covid it-

Published on 07 Dec 2021 / In Film & Animation

What has this to do with MGTOW? Well think about it? MGTOW is about a new lifestyle and Covid isn't about the NEW, it's the same old shit and brainless Moron's for for it. This Psy-Op designed over decades to destroy culture, society and Live's? In fact for myself and many other people I've talked to, Lock down though I find it apporant and wrong, hHAS actually done many of us a big favor? for those with a brain, not Zombiefied by the system have a respite to regroup their mind;s and prepare for war, a Psychological war as we are already seeing? The longer idiot's think or believe there is a VIRUS the worst things WILL get, the further we move away from a solution? THERE IS "NO" VIRUS .

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