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Passport Bros Were So Bad In Cartagena That They Actually Did Good


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Published on 09 Jul 2024 / In People & Blogs

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WMHarrison94 5 days ago

I would argue Amar that The Afrikans were there before the Moors. There are evidence in the Great Lake islands off Wisconsin and Michigan of ancient Egyptians mining gold there and not to mention the missing Fleet of Mali led by one of their princes who "disappeared" very likely being the source for the Olmec statues all over the South and Latin America... just saying... not to mention that both the Vikings were there in Vinland ie Nova Scotia and later some Knights Templar who took their sailing routes to Vinland and Great Lakes also down the St. Lawrence River...

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sauger1001 5 days ago

13:42. Nice Spanish accent. The hooker was probably married and didn't want her husband (who may have been a MGTOW.TV viewer) to see her. Lol.

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AML, did you get a chance to whore max there, buddy boyo?

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Sex tourism can be dangerous because of jealous plebe local incels that try to gorilla max to appeal to women's primordial security instincts. Also puritanical legacy and hysteria of catholics and protestant christ cucks, think of Dave Cuba, got arrested for posting and bragging about banging slutty Latina women, when in the USA he was a broke incel plebe.

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Got it - I like mapping and positioning and finding things out.

Because it can actually be quite hard - and a lot of skills are needed to use a variety of available tools.....

Your starting position - it had me absolutely fucked in trying to find the fort (?) with the big gate on it...

But when you got to the Rock Hard Cafe, I was able to find that and then back track from there....

I was very curious about the whole place but especially the lit up dome... which is MORE pointy in real life, than when imaged with a camera, which makes it look like the dome over the US congress. Quite a difference too.

This is your starting point within a few meters... and with a zoom in on the cathedral.

This is the cathedral from another position.


Yeah with the bad situations and bad people, usually many good things can come of it.

It's good to see the place cleaned up and it's family friendly.

Drugs, Pimps and Whores - the places can get really shitty when out of control.

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