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Passport Bros Leader Speaks Out Following Brazil Viral Incident (Analysis) Part Two

Published on 03 Feb 2023 / In Entertainment

Part One:
Link above for first video ^^^

How to Spot: #Analysis #Reaction #React
How are things looking out there in your area of the world going forward?
Emily Ratajkowski Mia Khalifa Khalifah

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WMHarrison94 1 year ago

As Mel Gibson said it in Brave Heart " FreeeeeeeeeeeDOM." Ignore these whiny Tradcucks.

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Isiah = Cuckold.

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ErickRendoza 204
ErickRendoza 204 1 year ago

true words

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sauger1001 1 year ago

Liberal blacks like this simp, hate to hear of free thinking blacks (like this young man) broadening their horizons (ie, leaving the plantation) in any fashion. The stupidly probing questions he asks, proves his ignorance of the issue. The hoodrats obviously are guiding this simp's mindset.

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