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Published on 29 Jan 2023 / In People & Blogs

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LevelEarth 1 year ago

Why are pilots risking their careers by admitting there is no earth curve? Over 44 NASA, Government and military documents assume earth is flat and non-rotating. The 2nd Law of Thermodynamics says outerspace is fake; you can't have gas pressure next to a vacuum. You can collect $200,000 if you prove earth spin or curve. No one has ever proved this because there is no curve. Emergency flight paths make no sense on a globe and make perfect sense on a flat earth. NASA uses green screens and CGI to fool people into their spinning-ball religion. NASA has air bubbles in their "outerspace" videos because it's filmed underwater to fake weightlessness. Astronauts use wires and harnesses to fake weightlessness so people believe in the "outerspace" religion. Every picture of "outerspace" is a fake cartoon image that NASA admits is fake.

We've measured the earth, theres no curve anywhere. We see mountains from 300 miles away, thats not possible on NASA's globe. Theres no proof the earth is moving. The 2nd law of thermodynamics says outerspace isnt real. Cannot have gas pressure next to a vacuum. NASA brainwashes children with globe propaganda from birth. NASA steals $60 million a day from you to shoot helium balloon rockets and satellites into the ocean. Air bubbles in "space", green screens, hair spray in hair to fake zero G, actornots on wires and harnesses. All government and military design documents assume a flat and non rotating earth. Pilots admit its flat. "Flat Earth" is openly censored by government. Real flat earth youtube channels are deleted and anti-flat earth channels are promoted (corporate welfare). NASA means "to deceive" in hebrew. NASA has 666 in their math everywhere. Every picture of space is a literal cartoon image NASA admits is fake. You could collect $20,000 if you prove earth spins. You could collect $200,000 if you prove earth curve. Mockery, slander, extortion, blackmail, subversion, character assassination and lies wont make the earth a ball.

.666ft per mile squared = Curvature rate of earth
66,600mph = Earth going around sun
1666 = Year gravity was invented (666 newtons)
66.6° latitude = North and south arctic circles
6x6x60 = Diameter of the moon
6x6x6 = Surface temperature of uranus
4.666km/s = Plutos orbital velocity
666 = Speed of sound in knots
600 x 6 x 6 = earth circumference in nautical miles
1.666 AU = Distance from mars to sun
1,426,666,422km = Saturn orbital distance
666 times brighter, the sun is than venus
666 days. Longest time a female astronaut has been in space

That's a lot of coincidences. These are NASA’s numbers. If these are all coincidences, you sound like a coincidence theorist

Gravity has never been proven; Never been detected, Never been observed. You need to prove against all other rationale that the reason a an object drops is uniquely the act of gravity and nothing else. -You have to prove how all matter attracts all other matter indefinitely, and how that concept is why things fall. Helium balloons disprove gravity. Bumble bees disprove gravity - Their wings can't support their body weight. Gravity is a scape goat for all things that cant be explained

Dinosaurs are a hoax put in place to further the narrative that we will run out of oil so they can raise the price; false scarcity.
- 0 intact dinosaur bones or skeletons found
- 0 dinosaur skulls found
- No transitional fossils
- Dating fossils by rock layers and dating rock layers by fossils
is circular reasoning
- You can’t carbon date fossils; they’re stone.
- Radiocarbon Dating is bunk
- 100% of dinosaur bones are fake
- You'll never be able to see dino bones because they're
supposedly radioactive, which is an obvious lie
- Engineers say dinosaur legs would buckle under the
proportions and their insides would fall out based on the
engineering of their rib cage
- They want you thinking "an asteroid can wipe us out at any
time, now give us money"
- Evolution was pushed by a eugenicist who married his 1st cousin.
- Dinos invented by royal society in 1841 by liar Richard Owen
- Only people with a financial interest find dino bones, which are really
smashed up chicken bones.
- There are no dino discoveries before the 1800s. Not suspicious at all.
- 66 Million years ago
- You cant prove the earth was around 66 million years ago


Just a heads up: anti-flat-earthers, glowies, agents, shills, trolls, whatever you want to call them.. these are the items that make them money and make them think they’re actually doing a good thing in the world. I know it’s almost impossible, but the less you give these worthless people any attention, the less they get paid to think they’re making a difference in the world. Other than their own posts, these “winners” get paid for LIKES/DISLIKES, REPLIES, and BLOCKS/BANS. This means if you engage at all, they win. Just a heads up moving forward. Cheers!!

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