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Passport Bro Auston Holleman Buys Prostitutes In The Third World & Passes Them Off As His Girlfriend


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Published on 01 Jun 2023 / In Travel & Events

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Toki 4 months ago

AML the only way to avoid prostitutes is waifus. A girlfriend/wife is a prostitute. This has been happening since the dawn of time. However the ancient caveman didn't have 3D physics, color sliders, thiccness sliders, and other such glorious things on their cave wall drawings.
If only I could bring a desktop PC to ancient Greece and Aphrodite in JP game. Watch those birth rates plummet. Might as well worship an actual canon goddess than an inferior real woman.

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Furioso 4 months ago

So what's the problem ? Wahmen are prostitutes by nature ,if some men are stupid enough to send him money ,shame on them ,you told it yourself ,there is nothing wrong about scaming dumb people

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