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Published on 01 Jul 2020 / In News & Politics

⁣ANTIFA + BLM = The new KKK (a paramilitary force serving the interests of the Democratic Party). So hope for peace, but prepare for war.

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Armored_ID10T 2 years ago

Just wanted to say that you can't wander the wasteland without your trusty 10mm on your hip.

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GunNutCanuck 2 years ago

Just wanted to point out a great multi purpose item for the list at the end would be potassium permanganate. This stuff is awesome because you can use it to make ground water potable, make ground water into a powerful antiseptic, or make ground water into a powerful anti fungal just by mixing it stronger, and yes this can all be done with ground water so less need to carry multiple canteens. Other uses of this wonderful chemical include fire starting when combined with glycerin (be very careful kids) and a dye for snow to signal air traffic in a survival situation (requires a lot). I never go out in the bush without some and it can found fairly easily at businesses that sell water purification equipment and such as well as sometimes (less often) at pharmacies.

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Avagrey 2 years ago

For the pistol I'd suggest the IWI Masada. It's an Israeli sidearm, gotta trust a weapon that was developed by a country the size of a postage stamp who's neighbors all wanna destroy it.

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Johnny_Cage 1 year ago

One that has always had all the technology and military backing and fierce dog-like loyalty of the superpower known as the United States. Funny howpeople just forget to mention that; like an 'independent' woman forgetting to mention all the alimony and child support from her multi-millionaire husband!

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pioneer05 2 years ago


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Knivus77 2 years ago

Make sure you have cotton shirts underneath, just in case of flame burns. Some shirts stick to the skin and you have to peel off the skin in order to remove clothing. I'm a prior corpsman, learned that from a friend.

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