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Over 40 year old woman happy to be unmarried. The feeling is mutual.


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Published on 20 Jan 2022 / In Other

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tekrat 4 months ago

If she were happy she wouldn't have to talk about it.

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Leader_Desslok 4 months ago

We can only hope that she has no children.

   2    0
Bagoodman 4 months ago

99.99 % All the same SHIT !........{8^|_*

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mrghoster 4 months ago

HaH! For women not being married is a good thing, yet they cry because MEN don't want to marry anymore? Hypocrites

   1    0
TrapDoor001 4 months ago

Yeah, That's how it is the first year after the divorce, And then she gets fat or worse preg, and everything go's downhill from there. ROFLMAO

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