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Our enemies want to destroy us


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Alpha Male Lifestyle
Published on 25 Dec 2021 / In People & Blogs
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nest006 7 months ago

I never try to cancel Far Left channels. I just think Jabronies, daddy issues, confused State Art "media" sheep, and wonder how the hell that junk got a recommendation in my feed,.

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KEEPER 8 months ago

can't you choose to turn off the monetization on youtube?

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Run_Down_Mid69 6 months ago

Not anymore

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Bobby_Onii_Chan 8 months ago

Thanks for the warning!!! Will keep an eye on local and world situations when they come up...

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Scorpie 8 months ago

Amr can you make a documentary. Or even just a video in your car explaining their agenda from the beginning. All the important stuff etc. It would spread valuable knowledge and make certain things more clear. Thanks

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JJJJJ 8 months ago

i dunno if normies even want to wake up. i think they rather just want be simps and cucks.

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