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Only Fans Thot Exposed In Interview

Published on 26 Nov 2020 / In Film & Animation

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MrA_H0Ie 2 months ago

17:50 That's not surprising.
If the supplier of any product is stupid enough to jack the price up so high that the customers find an alternative, and the supplier keeps pushing the price up, soon nobody wants to buy their stuff. Then, even after the asshole supplier figures it out finally and drops the price, their previous customers don't go back because they don't wanna deal with an asshole, so the asshole has to keep lowering the price until he goes bankrupt.

Now that happened to women. They are the asshole supplier who abused a monopoly position, and now that the customers (men) leave them in droves, no matter how much the price drops, they won't be able to gain men's trust back.

Also, pussy is cheap now that women refuse to fuck the bottom 90% of men. They only fuck the top 10% of men, so those men can pick and choose, and this drives the price of women waaaay down.

Game over.

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Alpha_Male_Lifestyle 2 months ago

it's comedy when O'Shea gets in his feelings

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Lucifer333 2 months ago

body count? i think she lost count, maybe ballpark, 500 orso

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Wolf_joseph 2 months ago

Why do all these thots look the same.
The thots that talked about taking on 5 NBA players on that podcast and this woman litterally are copy and paste

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Johnny_Cage 2 months ago

The vast majority of them are too stupid to do anything innovative or original. They just watch videos online on how to copy the Kardashian look; they watch these videos religiously and try to pretend like they don't. Originality and pioneering NEVER come from women in general; when one rare woman does something new, they all will copy it ruthlessly and shamelessly. They have no shame in just ripping off someone else's ideas and calling it their own. The Chinese do this all thime; communism in general is feminine in nature. Conformity, uniformity, and lack of creativity are the hallmarks of women and communism/collectivism.

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theWarrior 2 months ago

Back to the adage Men, NEVER just listen to what a woman says, but watch what she does. Observation is key. Stop rushing into emotional relationships and just watch for awhile and you will see. But remember, Awalt after your use is up anyway. -the Warrior PS: I don't think O'Shea was simping but lurking. hehehehehe

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Hammerhead69 2 months ago

Never heed her when she is either nude or nearly so they lie most when we let them cloud our minds. Watch her deeds is far better and you're right about that.

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