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Online Dating Stocks Crash! Bumble & Tinder Drop 80% - MGTOW

Published on 23 Nov 2023 / In People & Blogs

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Hi Everyone Sandman Here,

This video is brought to you by a donation from Eric The Hermit and this is the first of two videos I'm making for him. He didn't give me a topic so I wanted to cover the long slow decline of Bumble and Match Group Stock of around 80%. Is this the end of online dating stocks? Full disclosure I put 1% of my portfolio ingo Match Group Stock a couple years ago and I'm down around seventy percent on my purchase and that's ok because I've more than made up for it with my Bitcoin and investment in IYW Ishares Technology Fund. Tech stocks are booming and hitting all time highs except for things like Paypal and Match Group which both look undervalued with price to earnings ratios of 15-16. On the surface they look like a bargain. Paypal was another stock that I was burned on. What I've learned is if you're going to buy big tech buy it in an ETF. My stock picking skills are awful. I can understand a business and know when it's a successful money maker but that doesn't matter to the stock market where you will still get punished. As I mentioned Bumble is also down 80+% but that company is losing money and has never been profitable to begin with. But the online dating marketplace growth is slowing down. So where does that leave poor unprofitable Bumble? The woman that started it was a former Tinder employee and she supposedly came up with the idea to start a dating app for women where when men and women match only the woman can make the first move. Look how well that's working when you limit men's freedom to speak to women on the platform. On that platform as a man you pay and they shadow ban you. They don't want you mucking up the algorithm and scaring all the weemen away so they put you in a virtual sandbox after taking all your buck from you. Other platforms like Ashley Madison have fake engagement so men would keep buying credits. Match Group, the parent company of Tinder controls 80% of the online dating market. Yeah they will be fine in the long run and won't be bankrupt. But more guys are figuring out that there are two men for every one woman on dating platforms. Plus Tinder gives free gold access to attractive Chads so they can match with as many women as they want, which keeps the women coming back. But the men that women don't want the algorithm will hide those so eventually they will talk to their best buds and realize that none of them are having any luck so they will give up and checkout of the sexual marketplace and just run off and become hermits. Either that or they will make a new account because if you start a new one then you are automatically inserted into the algorithm for the first day. If you don't get as much attention as Chad then they will hide you tomorrow.

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havok545 3 months ago


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awol201 3 months ago

The stock market is rigged . Just like life . The whole planet/matrix is rigged . That is the secret no secret .

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sauger1001 2 months ago

We're living on a Prison Planet, for now.

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zdoctor 3 months ago

TODAYS NEWS............predator of the day.....again another teacher in the news. . . . they say men are predators but all i have seen in the news recently are whaman. . . . this should tell you something gentlemen!!!!!. . . AVOID THEM AT ALL COSTS.......stay single and build your own life.....heres the article...

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Lorgar 3 months ago


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