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One B Jaye Away From The Plantation - MGTOW

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Published on 01 Dec 2020 / In People & Blogs

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That time when Buffalo was as big a deal as Toronto

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Hi Everyone Sandman Here,

This video is brought to you by a donation from Mr. Anonymous and here's what he has to say: "Good evening fellow canadian red piller. For starters English ain't my first language so I'm sorry for all my possible typing mistakes. I'm from Montreal and I hope we can put that old Toronto Montreal rivalery on the side for the question a have for you here. The question i have for you is multistaged. First, lately this has been happening in my surroundings among friends. I've been seeing things, patterns. Among those a grood friend of mine (whom was almost purple pilled) went back on his way toward the plantation. As They say ''you are always one b jaye away from the plantation''. Before his new girlfriend we went hard into PUA without any knowledge about anything redpill really. He wanted so bad to have a girlfriend. Now that he has one he is in his honeymoon phase and on his way to dream land. Here are some red flags about his new girlfriend. She is an immigrant with a working visa and works as a paralegal on her way to become a lawyer in immigration. She makes more than my friend. So on paper with that knowledge we have we can say she is dating down. She also has been very vocal about marriage so I connected the dots. That's just one story but yeah this story has inspired me to maybe start my own red pill / mgtow channel in french so maybe the message gets to him. I'd also be talking about hypergamy and briffault's law too. Now I know why you make all your videos annnimously and I can understand with our political atmosphere here in canada I wouldnt want to be recongnised and doxed from work and my social circle. Do you use any methods or tools like a voice modulator to make your video? Thank you for your time." Well Mr. Anonymous thanks for the donation and topic. You're right that most of us are only one b jaye away from going back to the plantation. I'll discuss this and more in just one moment but let me first tell everyone about today's sponsor The MGTOW Book Collection: Anyways, now back to the show. I believe it was Stardusk that originally made that one bj statement and it spread everywhere through the community. Your friend Mr. Anonymous I don't even think he was ever purple pilled. For me being purple pilled is all about learning about female nature and keeping it in the back of your mind during a relationship so that it gives you the upper hand and so that you stop simpin. But it sounds to me like your friend doesn't really fit into the purple pill category. My experience taking the purple pill back in 2015 was a disaster. Keeping the red pill knowledge in my consciousness while being inside a woman was impossible for me. I was turning into a simp before
everyone's eyes. Your friend learned pickup artistry which is red pill philosophy but he only did so that he could firmly plant his penis flag on top of some woman's mountainous fun bags. You mention that the woman he's with has a better job but that she's an immigrant. She probably has lower sexual marketplace value then he does if she's from Asia, Latin America, some poor European country or Africa. So it doesn't matter if she's a nuclear physicist making two hundred thousand dollars a year. Her minority background means that it's most likely that she has lower sexual marketplace value. Plus she might be one of those women that love to dominate men by having a powerful career. Even if she does have higher sexual marketplace value he has Canadian citizenship and that will ensure that she stays in the country. Your friend is probably just a stepping stone for her to become partner in a law firm and find herself a real man. But he can't see this because he's getting sex on a regular basis and his love goggles are firmly fastened to his fat head. Mr. Anonymous it's noble that you want to help him but from what I've learned the best time to reach a man is when he's in between relationships. Just ask him if he's sure she's not just with him so she can get her immigration papers.

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zdoctor 2 months ago

the plantation is not the only reason to walk off the stage......theres false claims, her cheating on you with chad and tyrone, no money........see all the reasons to walk away. best thing i ever did.

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ExperimentalGroup 2 months ago

I dunno. If I’m gonna go back on the plantation, it’s going in her ass. Even then, I’m still not sold. Even the semblance of freedom is a form of freedom. And there isn’t much freedom in anything with women

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ElHombreporsuCuenta 2 months ago

What can be said about this? In reality, many things, such as that image of a woman with the severed head of a Man placed at the entrance of a court, constitutes a metaphor for the current reality that Men face. By the way, the author of that image is one of my compatriots, a mangina named Luciano Garbati.

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One_Ronin 2 months ago

The redpill keeps you grounded, when I am mid B Jaye I am devising my escape plan. ;)

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