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Old single women want to find hard wood


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The Lone Wolf
The Lone Wolf
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Published on 24 May 2022 / In Other

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sorearm 1 month ago

Yeah no wonder why she's single. She is totally worthless

   2    0
Generationless 1 month ago

If their toys aren't doing it for them, a real cock won't either. Can't compete with a buzz saw.

   3    0
Mr_Sluggo 1 month ago

Sorry...I don't take spoiled and used up merchandise.

   2    0
Drums_McBashington 1 month ago

Who is the arrow pointing at? Is there another bimbo on a cart just out of frame?
A display of desperation smothered in incompetence. Girl power.

   3    0
SoloMan Zone
SoloMan Zone 1 month ago

She's the type that buys the guy a drill for his birthday, so he can put some shelves up for her

   4    0
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