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Okay Okay okay 5 phone calls, several comments, messages, and shady things passed around later...


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Published on 30 Nov 2022 / In Other

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LevelEarth 2 months ago

We've measured the earth, theres no curve anywhere. We see mountains from 300 miles away, thats not possible on NASA's globe. Theres no proof the earth is moving. The 2nd law of thermodynamics says outerspace isnt real. Cannot have gas pressure next to a vacuum. NASA brainwashes children with globe propaganda from birth. NASA steals $60 million a day from you to shoot helium balloon rockets and satellites into the ocean. Air bubbles in "space", green screens, hair spray in hair to fake zero G, actornots on wires and harnesses. All government and military design documents assume a flat and non rotating earth. Pilots admit its flat. "Flat Earth" is openly censored by government. Real flat earth youtube channels are deleted and anti-flat earth channels are promoted (corporate welfare). NASA means "to deceive" in hebrew. NASA has 666 in their math everywhere. Every picture of space is a literal cartoon image NASA admits is fake. You could collect $20,000 if you prove earth spins. You could collect $200,000 if you prove earth curve. Mockery, slander, extortion, blackmail, subversion, character assassination and lies wont make the earth a ball.
.666ft per mile squared = Curvature rate of earth
66,600mph = Earth going around sun
1666 = Year gravity was invented (666 newtons)
66.6° latitude = North and south arctic circles
6x6x60 = Diameter of the moon
6x6x6 = Surface temperature of uranus
4.666km/s = Plutos orbital velocity
666 = Speed of sound in knots
600 x 6 x 6 = earth circumference in nautical miles
1.666 AU = Distance from mars to sun
1,426,666,422km = Saturn orbital distance
666 times brighter, the sun is than venus
666 days. Longest time a female astronaut has been in space

That's a lot of coincidences. These are NASA’s numbers. If these are all coincidences, you sound like a coincidence theorist


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