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Oh Sh*t, Pentagon’s New Nuclear Bomb 24x MORE POWERFUL Than in WW2!! #254 PREVIEW

Published on 27 Nov 2023 / In Entertainment

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Join us here for a PREVIEW of our daily one-hour RUMBLE show. To continue watching the show in full, join me exclusively over on RUMBLE: https://bit.ly/StayFree-154-Pentagons-New-Bomb

Join me today as we unravel the startling revelation about the Pentagon’s new nuclear bomb, that is 24 times more powerful than those used in World War II. We’ll delve into the implications, discuss technological advancements, and analyze the potential impact on the world. Additionally, we’ll examine the viral clip of Oliver Stone claiming 2020 was STOLEN, and witness Bill Maher LOSE HIS MIND! Lastly, we’ll cover the U.S. Army asking unvaccinated soldiers to come back after they were forced to leave for not complying with vaccine mandates during the pandemic.


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25 x as powerful as the Hiroshima Nuke?

I think that went off at a fairly tiny yield of 16,000 tons of TNT.

Most nukes in the US arse and all have yields of less than 500 kt.

Building them way bigger is just an inefficient use of resources.

25 x 16,000 TNT = ~400,000 kt TNT equivalent.

I am thinking it might be a new and cheap and easy to produce design.

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