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NYT editor makes a clip about the vaccine, saying its just a little prick...and dies the next day

Published on 02 Jan 2022 / In Film & Animation

A New York Times Editor?- So he is not going to his Arseholes Anonymous meeting tonight then?

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gchase 4 months ago

People much much more corrupt than you and me have decided....
And this guy dies quickly.
Stop reading the damned script and start actually investigating!

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bigintol03 5 months ago

Poetic justice at its finest!

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sauger1001 5 months ago

The most shocking part of this video isn't this sheeple dying from the jab. I've read about PLENTY of those, yet people are STILL getting jabbed like good little ? sheep. No, the most shocking, nearly UNBELIEVABLE statement in this short video, came from the widow, stating she was "going to be off social media for awhile". Sorry for her loss, but I don't see "awhile" as being more than a day after she buries her husband. Women can't stay off their dopamine high for very long.

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Generationless 5 months ago

Well, goodbye then..Big Prick!

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If you get the width of the eyes, pupil centre to pupil centre as the base, and then visualise an equilateral triangle with the third point in the centre of the forehead, this from a straight on perspective, is also the centre of brain mass.

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