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No, they don't learn.

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Published on 25 Nov 2022 / In Comedy

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TelepathicRapist 2 months ago

its wild the level of confidence these women have. in their minds they are unstoppable 8 foot killing machines. It just shows you how effective the women empowerment psyop has been. Its to the point you literally will have to fight these women now to show them. Truthbelly was saying the same thing

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monk2018 2 months ago

Good man

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bigintol03 2 months ago

This is going to start happening more and more...and that's a good thing!

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GhostPlodderES 2 months ago

Hate when sick simps jump in.

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ExperimentalGroup 2 months ago

Some younguns ain't hearing that shit. And it's good

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