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Published on 17 Jul 2020 / In Comedy

⁣Movements begin with an idea. When that idea makes money, activists become craptivists, and a benevolent idea becomes corrupted by evil profiteers. Once that happens, facts don't matter, only the narrative.

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Ambrose 10 months ago

Have you ever considered the minority is being propped up as the majority for reasons of conflict, due to the curve of median IQ there is bound to be unintelligent people everywhere with dripping asses leaking what they call opinions, leaving out statistical probability because of population sizes is using the logic that all people are serial killers, because they share nuances with sociopaths due to the hierarchy of needs, facts are based on reality but the problem is reality is relative, example gravity is a constant but it rely's on the fact that the universe is a constant, if that where to change ,quantum mechanics, then the laws based on that universe will also change and gravity would no longer be the constant that we have come to know, we would only be left with the ability to remeasure which is the scientific method, conclusion we are all hypocrites it's just how big of one is.

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OCDman 2 years ago

Keep on piling on the truth Mr Popp!! Excellent video!! Never ever stop!!! Respect!!

   1    0
Codexman 2 years ago

Fuck Yeah! Straight and to the point Popp. This fucking bullshit is about money and power

   2    0
BPehan 2 years ago


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ironmanjakarta 2 years ago

I think Bidens dementia is a grift. He needs an excuse to not remember all the crimes he committed when hes dragged into congress to testify.

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