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No Kids at 38... Because of Coronavirus? | Popp Culture

Terrence Popp
Terrence Popp
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Published on 26 Jun 2020 / In Comedy

⁣Modern wahmen in the west really don't accept responsibility for anything.

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Sources (in order of appearance):

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AfterTheRage 9 days ago

Blake is hilarious in this one.

   1    0
Buck Peterson
Buck Peterson 13 days ago

18:28 "logic dick tastes" wtf lollolol did u fr say that instead of dictates hahaha

   0    0
Buck Peterson
Buck Peterson 13 days ago

7:00 write a check against it or moving in til beyond 36 months..." man if your with a girl for 3 years and not living together then shes definitely banging other dudes on your off time

   0    0
tekrat 14 days ago

Beer Virus: 10
Women: 0

   0    0
CanberraMGTOW 14 days ago

A shit wife makes a shit mother.

   2    0
TerDer 15 days ago

It's becoming clear that women as a group can't be trusted to make decisions on their own. Our birth rate, and the general health of society as a whole shows this.

   3    0
krunkelstilskin 15 days ago

Couldn't Bond with Crazy Glue -- LoL

   3    0
grbolivar 15 days ago

OP, here's your end destination where you can grieve until the grave, you're welcome:

   1    0
danr630 16 days ago

Daammmnn 38? She looks near 50!

   6    0
QDLLC 16 days ago

The universe dodged a bullet if she never procreates.

   8    0
Subverted Group
Subverted Group 16 days ago

The infuriating thing about this is that the younger feminists aren't learning one thing from this harpy because they are delusional and don't listen to anything they don't want to hear.

   5    0
SQUEAK077 16 days ago

Justin Bieber was accused of sexual assault/rape by two different women. He refuted the claims against him and now he is taking legal action against the accusers. Have fun in jail twitter warriors.

   1    0
aposematicly 16 days ago

Justine Bieber is a F to M tranny.... It is so messed up that the hearthrob of uoung girls is a tranny. Now consider "frozen" and "maleficient" Disney movies where loves kiss is girl on girl...

   0    3
tekrat 14 days ago

Bieber needs to go MGTOW. He culd red pill billions of poeple.

   0    0
HairlessMonkey 16 days ago

Lady, you snooze you lose. One good thing though, if she doesn't procreate the single-mom cycle of insanity will be broken :-)

   5    0
biochemmolgen 16 days ago

What I don't get is why these women even think that they're mother material either psychologically or genetically. The way I see it, she not only did the world a favor by failing at reproducing, but spared any innocent child as well. Good riddance!

   5    0
UnwillingVillian 17 days ago

Just when we thought women couldn't find any more ways to avoid taking responsibility for their actions...

   4    0
Herbalist 17 days ago

Funny as Hell, SSgt. Popp! Unless you're a 38 yo Feminist with her fertility Window slamming shut on her tits! HA HA!

   3    0
AlphaAdmin 17 days ago

Ahh the usual 'I don't take responsibility for my actions past and present or accountability. The usual 'victim, victim, I'm a victim.' feminist rhetoric. EF OFF AXE CUT!

   5    0
onlypinhead2000 17 days ago

No shit single mothers are bad for society. I've dated 2 in my past and learned a lot from it.

I was stupid then and more of a dick thinker. Thinking back on it, they are incapable of responsibility all together.

   8    0
doczg88 17 days ago

Feminism is toxic and dangerous to one's health, physical and spiritual.

   8    0
DocteurDoome7 17 days ago

Pause, upvote, get popcorn. Resume.

   7    0
john locke
john locke 17 days ago

Holy fuck that's alot of ?.

   4    0
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