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Nightmare Vax19 Hold The Truth Hostage | Black Pill

Hold The Truth Hostage
Published on 25 May 2022 / In People & Blogs

#freestyle #blackpill #rap
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KEEPER 1 month ago

i didn't know this was going to be a rap, but i liked it, speak the truth my brother.

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InfiniteMushroom 1 month ago

Got to reach who can be reached and who will heed the warning. This stuff will not reach the Normies or the old Boomers. I live among them (I'm a Boomer) and they are ALL deluded. They ALL believe in Fauci, masks, and the latest "booster" shots. They STILL believe it all hatched from infected laboratory bats in Wuhan, China. The Jew Mind Virus has made GOLEMS out of them.

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Hold The Truth Hostage

Glad you enjoyed it I try my best to keep it deep

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Kram 1 month ago

( UPDATE ) The Protest or (BAN) of the women's channels got off to a GREAT start ! - Thank you to All - My in box has been filled with thumbs up and Good comments - Now Round two starts - This is a ((JUST DON'T )) Moment for us MGTOW Men - Just don't watch the women's videos Give them a thumb Down (so the algorithm wont put them up for re-watch) We Have to stand together and Save Amr's Business ! One of the Last places Where Men can be Men - Thanks Again Gentlemen . ((( I AM SPARTACUS ))) We all are !............repost for Bagoodman

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