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Nigeria Took Women's Rights Away - MGTOW

Published on 08 Feb 2023 / In People & Blogs

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Hi Everyone Sandman Here,

This video is brought to you by a donation from S and here's what she has to say: "Good day, I have written a book called Trails of Sorrows, Tears of Joy: Based on Actual Events. The E-Book is $4.19 and the Paperback is also $4.19 at Amazon the Amazon Link Below. This book is written as a play. It consists of 3 major stories. The first story is based on an actual event; although, the names have changed. The first story is about a girl who endured the abuse of her stepmother and half-brother and eventually won a Supreme Court land dispute. The victory lead to Igbo women having inheritance rights in Nigeria. The second story is about a woman who suffered humiliation from her husband for giving birth to twin girls instead of boys. She had a happy ending though. The third story is about two different sisters who to different paths in life because of the choices they made when they were young. On the surface, this book had all the feminist, girl-power cliche indicators. But if you read the book, you'll realize that it is actual very blood colored pilled. My aim is slowly to "trick" the modern women to be red pilled: one reader at a time. It is a leap of faith and a far-fetched goal but I am willing to go the distance. I just need the eyeballs to be aware of this book and start reading. I believe that YOU can help me make that happen. Well S thanks for the donation and book review. I'll get right to it. The book is mostly different women discussing their lives in Nigeria and their relationships to men and each other. It begins with Emily as she bursts into a room and violently takes down her half brother and step mother physically. She shames her brother and calls him weak. He is white knighting for his mother defending her from Emily. Emily is angry and is waiting for two more days until Nigeria allow women to have inheritance rights in the country. Then she can inherit her fathers wealth instead of it going to his last with Emily's step mom. Chika is the step Mother and Matthew is her incompetent son probably in line to inherit the property but now Emily which is painted as the more competent woman is going to get the money. So all will be fair in this world. Chika was upset that Matthew didn't get his friends to kill Emily. That's when he slaps her in the face when she suggests he kill his own half sister. She says he's not a real man because he didn't do what she wanted.

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Atton 2 months ago

Sounds like Nigeria is slowly dying

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