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Nick Fuentes: The truth is clear: Israel controls America, not the other way around.

Published on 22 May 2024 / In News & Politics

The truth is clear: Israel controls America, not the other way around. They dictate our actions, even when it contradicts our values and interests.

- Nick Fuentes


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FL_Steve 1 month ago

Halsey really hates this guy. I wonder why.

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Rickcoona 1 month ago

you can not question your masters

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WMHarrison94 1 month ago

No. The public servants nerd to be reminded who their masters are and some of them and their drivers, ie lobbyists, need to be punished... Let's see: Make Guilotines Great Again or Make Tar and Feathering Great Again... or we can use walk-in ovens... afterward, we can solve world hunger...

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usr6874038614 1 month ago

Facts don't lie, people do.

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