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Next Level Gold Digger: Super Rich Isn’t Good Enough | Popp Culture

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Published on 12 Nov 2021 / In Comedy

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Next Level Gold Digger: Super Rich Isn’t Good Enough | Popp Culture

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KEEPER 22 days ago

Divorced relationship expert lol.

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FatAlbert 25 days ago

Not all women are like that. BUUUUT...enough ARE like that to make it a constant source of concern if you're looking to marry up. Single moms have an even higher divorce filing rate than do first timers. Where I live, women are filing eighty percent of the divorces. Caveat emptor.

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SOUKadath 25 days ago

"I once had a daddy, said he'd give me everything in sight. So I said I want the sunshine; and take the stars out of the night." - Janis Joplin, 'Turtle Blues'

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Philthy_McNasty 25 days ago

No man is ever good enough until he's the only man she can get. No PhD ever got a mans dick hard

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Generationless 25 days ago

Parents aren't teaching young men how to take care of themselves...but 80% of children are raised in single mother house holds??? So, whose fault would that be??

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Councilof1 25 days ago

I swear with women you could give them the entire multiverse and it wouldn't be enough. They're like junkies there will never be enough. And that's one of the many reasons I went my own path.

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Hmmm the Paquie One Chip Challenge - Yummmmmy.

I'll put a $10 towards your channel, if you can eat some Vegemite - probably spread vapour thin on toast with butter, for your initial try.... It's actually pretty good, nutritionally speaking. AND it's good, in it's own way, and it can be added to SOME cooking because it can boost the meaty flavours of roast meat gravy - made with pan juices.

I eat it from the jar with a spoon, but I have been eating it all my life.


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