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News: Sex Slave Soldiers (Morning Constitutional)

T.F. Monkey
T.F. Monkey
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Published on 21 Oct 2019 / In News & Politics

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Kevin Bigham
Kevin Bigham 5 months ago

Thank you for teaching us and showing us all the truth TFM.

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wild_prepper 6 months ago

Retire in Asia? No, thanks. More cons than pros.

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LoudMouthTyrone 11 months ago

Crazy has no definitions. They have magic spells.

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MrA_H0Ie 11 months ago

Okay, about my previous comment... Now I looked into questions.js on their github https://github.com/8values/8values.github.io and I was right in my previous comment here. Not only are their categories defined in a biased way, but also, their scoring matrix in questions.js clearly reveals leftist bias. I'll call the statements to be answered "questions".

One example: the question "All people - regardless of factors like culture or sexuality - should be treated equally." has maximum increase effect on all 4 tracked variables: socialist-globalist-liberal-progressive, or in other words it has the maximum decrease effect on the opposite variables: capitalist-nationalist-authoritarian-traditionalist.

But only in a marxists mind are these 4 traits linked all the same way to that question. Equal treatment of people has nothing to do with the level of national sovereignty vs international cooperation, nor with the level of civil liberty vs state authority. But they think you're a nationalist authoritarian if you want to treat people from different cultures differently. Never mind that you might be a liberal and you want to keep your liberty by self defense against violent thugs from some savage culture.

Another blatantly obvious biased score for this question: "We should open our borders to immigration." - this has maximum increase on two variables globalism-liberty, which is maximum decrease on nationalism-authoritarianism, but has no effect on the economic axis (but immigrants need social support) nor the society axis (but immigration destroys, replaces or at least destabilises traditional culture).

Open borders clearly result in a decrease of liberty for the native population and only an authoritarian socialist government would do this to them. This is clearly a biased test scoring system.

Even the questions are made in a biased way. Example: "A hierarchical state is best." There is no way to create a state without hierarchy. But they obviously think there is or they just don't accept any kind of authority. Otherwise this question would either not be there or it wouldn't have the score effect it does have: maximum increase of authoritarianism score, or maximum decrease of liberty score.

The irony is, they rely on the authoritarian nanny state / police state to push their globalist agenda, but they still think they are under no hierarchy while they depend on the state. The double think / cognitive dissonance meter breaks the scale.

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MrA_H0Ie 11 months ago

Related to your political videos, I think this test is interesting, but some of the categories seem to be defined in flawed ways: https://8values.github.io/

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