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News: Lean In To The Crazy (Morning Constitutional)

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Published on 06 Oct 2019 / In News & Politics

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Creampieminator 6 months ago

I fucked the brains of normies in my previous job by declaring to HR that I identify as a Trans¹⁰ woman (trans to the power of 10, meaning that I am a trans-trans-trans-trans-trans-trans-trans-trans-trans-trans-man. I'm NOT kidding, I actually did that. They accept that without a blink. since it's a odd number, I was pretty much treated as a man. Later I declared that my trans accumulated state depended on the digit in PI that correlated to the number of the day in the year. They had to calculated that every single time they approached me. TFM is again right. Use their pathetic retarded rules against them. Many will go along, but MANY will wake up to the clown world they are supporting.

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Never_Again 7 months ago

Ya Wanna FUCK with Me ! hello_world ...

Thou Shall NOT Piss ME Off !


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Never_Again 7 months ago

Marry Her ! Ya Dumb Monkey ! <--- If You Wont I My Will Be DONE !


All on Me ...

I Love You Lil' Brother / Son,

Please Study My Ass !


I AM FUCKING Pissed! ... https://www.google.com/search?....q=Harcourt%20Oxford&

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blackeagle 8 months ago

i didn't want to rule idiots. But I guess there is no other way.

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Profitglutton 5 1 year ago

TFM, you made me look bad. You spoke the glory of major melon mountain dew into my mind and I had to try it to see what all the rage was all about a few weeks back. I bought a 12 pack and took some to work and as a big black guy it had me looking like a stereotype. Next time I'll think twice or quench my thirst before listening to your show before I make another bad decision.

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