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News: Lean In To The Crazy (Morning Constitutional)

T.F. Monkey
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Published on 06 Oct 2019 / In News & Politics

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JupiterMGTOW 3 months ago

To defeat the Joker you don't think like Bruce Wayne. You think like Terry McGinnis!

   1    0
Sentient_Of_Truth 1 month ago

oh dude i loved both series. they were both made by the same writers as well some of the same voice actors.

   0    0
wildcat4mation 4 months ago

So true. Women are like clowns, the Joker. They wear make up, but internally, they are screwed up beyond belief.

   2    0
Lucifer333 8 months ago

Someone should create a TF Monkey game

   0    0
MGTOW_LIFE 1 year ago

Not a fan of commercials but I feel it's a better platform than bitchute

   2    1
Patriarc4Freedom 1 year ago

Glad to be here, only took a few minutes and worth every second! Fuck CuckTube

   2    0
Anarchy4096 1 year ago

This website is perfect! Honored to be the 13th subscriber <3

   2    0
WeebSexualMGTOW 1 year ago

Way better web design than bitchute's web design.

   6    0
Hardcore 1 year ago

I Agree

   1    0
Sentient_Of_Truth 1 year ago

Not to mention when it comes to the comment section you don't have to go through Google or that didqus bulshit page. Unfortunately the videos are hosted on bitchute this site is just streaming from bitchute uploads. Don't get me wrong bitchute is okay but it's far from perfect especially when a video you're watching exceeds over 5 minutes and then stops working for no reason. And then you are forced to refresh the page in order to get it to work again.

   2    0
Geruda 1 year ago

This works better for me than bitchute

   9    0
T.F. Monkey
T.F. Monkey 1 year ago

yeah, but I doubt it can handle the traffic of bitchute without crashing, but here's hoping

   3    0
Sentient_Of_Truth 1 year ago

Hopefully by turning off my adblocker will allow the site to grow pass these growing pains.

   1    0
Lucifer333 3 months ago

@T.F. Monkey: I think the guy is an amateur hobby coder, not bad for a first start, give it some time, it will improve

   0    0
TMach5 1 year ago

Great Show last night, TFM. Honored to be subscriber #4

   4    0
Izayoi2070 1 year ago

Awesome TFM!
Hail Monkey Sama!

   4    0
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