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News: Economics of Empowerment (Morning Constitutional)

T.F. Monkey
Published on 04 Nov 2019 / In News & Politics

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cantaffordher 29 minutes ago

If the entire economy goes to contracting...prepare for all your deductions to go away. The government is going to get their tax revenue...so as the economy changes, so will the income tax rules.

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Sono Tom
Sono Tom 1 day ago

200 years of linear growth. oh boy.

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MrA_H0Ie 12 days ago

TFM, now I'm gonna try to piss you off :)
Plot bitcoin on a logarithmic chart, like this GDP chart is that you claim to be linear :D

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MrA_H0Ie 12 days ago

It's NOT linear. It LOOKS linear because your chart's VERTICAL AXIS is set to LOG scale. Look at the top of the vertical axis to see LOG. I can see the values on the chart as you move your mouse through it. It's exponential. Plot these data yourself in any spreadsheet and make a chart. If you leave the vertical axis linear, these data will plot an EXPONENTIAL growth:
1821: $2113, 1827: $2279, 1842: $2507, 1854: $3310, 1868: $3745, 1869: $3845, 1870: $3736, 1881: $4914, 1889: $5216, 1895: $5569, 1898: $5776, 1901: $6822, 1906: $7762, 1914: $7334, 1915: $7434, 1920: $8485, 1923: $9420, 1925: $9601, 1927: $10050, 1929: $10543, 1930: $9490, 1931: $8864, okay I won't take the time to note every visible point at the crash, let see some more data for the longer trend... 1944: $16401, 1950: $15241, 1956: $17398, 1960: $18058, 1966: $22529, 1968: $23692, 1985: $33024, 2015: $52591, 2016: $53015.

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MrA_H0Ie 12 days ago

That GDP chart has a LOG vertical axis.
So, a line means exponential growth, not linear.

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