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News: College Political Football (Morning Constitutional)

T.F. Monkey
T.F. Monkey
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Published on 28 Nov 2019 / In News & Politics

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iMickey503 3 months ago

whoo HOO! But yea. College is not really a place you want to be if you want a JOB.. You want a CAREER.
Thing is? Certifications for Cisco is good. But if you can't do it NOW? Like you have No idea how to do it on your own? Then don't go. Learn on your own. Google Even has its own Program.

The only time these degrees matter is again, Politics. Government jobs etc. The only big thing is getting into the trades. YOU HAVE TO GET INTO THE UNIONS. You HAVE to get into getting into the Trade Organizations that do this. (electrification etc) If you want to do that? Military to get your Certs. GET ALL OF THEM!

And Join from San Francisco or New York. SUCK AS MUCH MONEY OUT OF THE SYSTEM AS YOU CAN!
Suck as MUCH education as certifications as you can. Fireman Training etc.

Are you STUPID? Start fighting Forest Fires. You can make 80,000 a year if you do CRAP TONS of OVERTIME.

That's the OTHER thing. APPLY FOR EVERY SCHOLARSHIP! ALL OF THEM! Pay off all your school loans!

Also. ALWAYS WORK and HAVE A JOB while going to school! It keeps you in the JOB market.

Pussy? Bro. You ALWAYS get Pussy. Pussy is easy to get. Just make sure your dick is working. So get a Sex doll so you can keep your GAME UP.

The sex doll is the BEST way to work yourself out. I'm not kidding. It keeps your Dick Working GREAT! And you build all the STAMINA that you need. Gentleman. If you want a better reason to get a Sex Doll? MEDICAL USE.
Why get a Pump? When you can get the best way to keep yourself FIT down there!

A sex doll should be a Medical Device. If you feel weird about it? Think about it like a Gym.

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Lucifer333 6 months ago

Dutch multinationals? just from the bat of my head, Phillips, KLM, Shell Oil, Unilever, Akzo Nobel, ASM Lithography, DSM, Fokker (broke),
Retarded monkey dont you know anything?

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Sentient_Of_Truth 6 months ago

The college experience nowadays is getting metooed.

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VaperGamer 6 months ago

pray to allachhhhhrr achrrrkkbarrhhhr before every video...

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Sentient_Of_Truth 6 months ago

Lol who?

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VaperGamer 6 months ago

@Dude: tfm is promoting islam... wants to be a mudslime... he'll get killed... mudslime hate white people and jooslum too... and tfm is a yid jew.

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