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New Report EXPOSES MASSIVE Grooming Scandal In Public School, HUNDREDS Of Kids Abused by Teachers

Published on 09 Jan 2023 / In News & Politics

MASSIVE Grooming Scandal EXPOSED In Public Schools, Report Shows Teachers Abused HUNDREDS Of Kids. Report confirms grooming is happening and children are being systematically abused.

James Lindsay explains the issues around woke gender ideology and a new report corroborates many of the claims. Many of the stories posted by LibsOfTikTok and others seem to back up the report in shocking detail.

Democrats have consistently been on the side hiding or protecting the abuse.


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Doomguy 2 months ago

So if you don't want your kids raised with the ideologies of these alphabet wierdos, How do you segregate them from the kids that are raised by the LGBT. Because ultimately the conversation will come up about my two dads / moms. Perhaps there needs to be a Jim Crow with regards to these people. Why not just pull an Israel and parcel out a land that these people can call their own and send them on their way?

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Lucifer333 2 months ago

"More power to them" (lgbtq ppl)

You already lost

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