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New Netflix Show Old Enough Sparks Controversy that Seems Hypocritical!

Coffee Talk
Coffee Talk
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Published on 18 Apr 2022 / In People & Blogs

Have you heard of this popular Japanese show? It's coming to America, and the usual bunch of so-called activists and groups are grumbling about it...
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ExperimentalGroup 2 months ago

The term is called learned helplessness. It is why millennials know their way around every social media platform yet know no life skills. It is the mom with weight kids from eight dads, on welfare and receiving 3k in child support and knows how to work the system and doesn’t teach her kids anything. There’s tons of examples, but they’ve learned what the government needs them to learn because it teaches them to need the government.
But, there is a specific group that has a vested interest in the increasing amount of degeneracy and injustice that is present in our society. They have some sort of gain to be obtained by our society’s decline. I can only arrive at this conclusion only because it is so evident.

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SOLID_MGTOW_MONK 2 months ago

We used to go in a buy cigarettes when I was little. We used to go all over town when I was 7. We used to do the chores too, mow the lawn and we mowed other's lawns too. As far as the child abduction BS goes, that's used to vilify men with. Women through their false accusations used against men in divorce courts etc etc they have created and fed among themselves their own paranoia over their own vilification of men with the help of mainstream media and vile entertainment. The media and women manufactured today's paranoia over men. Now men can't even go near children without being accused making the evening news as predators. It's very hurtful going MGTOW Monk 30 plus years ago and can't adopt either. Long story there.

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