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Published on 24 Nov 2021 / In People & Blogs

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Hi Everyone Sandman Here,

This video isn't brought to you by any donations because well I didn't get any for today. If you want to suggest a topic you can do so through paypal or subscribestar. Links are in the description. I started watching a television show that's out on Apple TV called foundation. It's about a galactic empire in the milky way made up of humans. The ruler of that empire, the emperor is actually a clone. More like a team of four clones that all work together to keep the empire and their legacy alive and have been doing so for hundreds of years. I've heard from many guys going their own way that they would love to use surrogacy and artificial wombs to grow their own baby version of Buba Fett to raise. Foundation was written by Isaac Asimov and a lot of his book was ripped off by George Lucas for Star Wars which I'll get into a bit later. In the Foundation TV show the emperor when he's a child has a female figure in his life and in the book she's played by a man but in the TV show she's female and she's an android. That would make a lot more sense because a female character provides nurturing to the young boy. As for sexuality there are female working girls there to provide sexual release. Each growing emperor has 2 or 3 older clones or brothers that give him guidance because after-all they all share the exact same genes and minds. In many ways what I've described would be the ideal scenario for many men going their own way. The four clones are brother dawn, brother day, brother dusk and brother night and they are all around 15 to 20 years apart in age. One day a mathematician named Hari Seldon developed something known as the theory of psycho-history which predicts the behavior of large crowds and civilizations and he say that the empire will fall in a few hundred years and that at that point there will be a dark age that will last tens of thousands of years mimicking what happened with the fall of the Roman Empire which was inspiration for Asimov's story. But you know that woke pedowood is going to make the MGTOW emperor the villian and imagine my shock that the white male emperor characters are the villains and that the heroes are two black non binary and female characters that are going to save the galaxy no less. One of them named Salvor looks like they could black male wrapper from the 1980s with their haircut. I can't say he or she because they don't identify with either. But they is on a planet named Terminus which is a cold dessert with land speeders which looks like the cold version of tatooine from Star Wars. The other black female character Gaal Dornick is a brilliant mathematician. There main male characters have been replace with female ones but at least it's not preachy and woke. At least they aren't rubbing the gender identity of the characters in our face which does make the show watchable. Maybe someone was listening to me when I suggested they get more subtle about spreading their gender bending ideology instead of being too obvious about it and pissing people off. But ghetto queens that watch this series are probably going to wonder why they can't compete with males on the competence hierarchy and will probably get very angry and disillusioned. The emperor is MGTOW while the antagonists are non-binary and or minorities and you just know where this is heading. I'll discuss more in just a moment but let me first tell everyone about today's sponsor Chris Whalen:

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csehszlovakze 1 year ago

I keep putting off writing the review cause I'm a lazy bastard but behind the woke facade Star Trek Picard was pretty redpilled, too. Lot of incompetent bitchy females in power to be constantly outdone by their male peers for example.

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KEEPER 1 year ago

I know what you mean when you talk about the shows that use woke politics, that's annoying as hell and about 99% of them that are created end up turning into shit.

And then that saying get woke go broke comes to mind.

Very rare that they actually make a good series along side the woke politic crap.

I think I only know of woke show that has some pretty damn good riding, and that's the TV show called HANNA.

In the movie she was written in as a Mary Sue with all the amazing capabilities without having or needing to work for it, but in the TV show she has a very good realistic backstory that doesn't make her out to be as a Mary Sue where she was given Advanced Training early in life to the point where she ends up being a good killer.

But besides all that, this show actually has pretty good writing that is well thought out in many cases and that alone is why it makes the show watchable and I don't believe it'll likely suffer going broke because of the writing.

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KEEPER 1 year ago

I love how it's become common place to call cali commifornia.

Every day it becomes even more of a shut show.

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eldrazi317 2 1 year ago

Also interesting thoughts on carbon credits.

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eldrazi317 1 year ago

I think it’s already to late for that. The fish are already turning gay from the soy infused water lol

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