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New ATMs in Virginia with (vaccine) ID scan and (microchip) palm scan, made in China!

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Published on 29 Apr 2021 / In Film & Animation


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gchase 3 months ago

Mark of the beast....in a dozen different ways.

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justanotherdave 5 months ago

yep they have stuff for microchipping which is a thing people are doing to themselves, the other stuff is a reach the "id" scanner is the swipeless card reader everyone has now, the license plate scanner does take a photo but that is more for fraud prevention (stolen cards being used) but thats the same for the camera on the front too. They cannot deny you access to your money they have to give you that but they can deny you access to their banking. so if you do not like what a bank is doing go to another one or take the money out and work in cash. Your dependency on their system is the trap.

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DutchCobbler 6 months ago

I can appreciate the slippery slope as much as the next guy, but this guy sounds like he's a little too caffeinated and plugged in. It's an ATM, I don't see how this will lead to having people's children taken from them... besides, TV, public school, and smart devices have already done that.

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Takingastand 6 months ago

666 is on it's way, get things right with Jesus!!!

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InfiniteMushroom 5 months ago

Jeebus is precisely how and why the Jewish tyranny is running wild. His suicidal, "Sermon on the Mount," Romans 13, and other insanities have led us to the Jewish slaughterhouse. What kind of sick fuckers tells his followers to love their enemies and hate their parents, friends, and kinsmen? Fuck Jeebus. He was the original Jewish psy-op before the psy-op was invented. The entire Bible is Jewish and a confused and conflicted mess.

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acelaken 6 months ago

Ready for war when you guys are

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Eggy_Noggy 6 months ago

Pull all of your money out of the bank..... NOW!

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