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Neil Oliver: The Fall Is Coming! – episode 13 season 2

Published on 12 Apr 2024 / In News & Politics

In this episode we travel with Neil to the cradle of civilization as the mighty city of Babylon falls and it's empire with it!

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Neil Oliver History Podcasts,
Season 1: Neil Oliver's Love Letter To The British Isles
Season 2: Neil Oliver's Love Letter To The World
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Social Media & YouTube Producer: Oscar CFR
Drone footage: Mark Halligan

#neiloliver #Babylon #Nebuchadnezzar #Achaemenids #Cyrusthegreat #Mesopotamia #Hanginggardens #history #neiloliverGBNews #travel #culture #ancient #historyfact #explore

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mrghoster 1 month ago

Love this stuff. We are kind of still living it today.

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History is a super complex subject and the MORE you go back in time, the more super complex it gets....

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