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Neil Oliver – ‘…as they get us looking the other way, they’re grabbing the power...'

Published on 02 Dec 2022 / In News & Politics

‘…we have been KO’d and we are in mid fall…’
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mrghoster 1 year ago

Which ever way they demand me to look I learned a longtime ago in the 1990's to look exactly the opposite way. Doing this will give you the safety of pre-empting their back stabbing lies and messing around. One of the many thinks I toojk to learning through 2 years of covid and lock downs is I learned to say "NO" that was an important learning curve, I rediscovered my "Intuition" my NATURAL mindset I suppose you could say. I also , just outside of keeping an eye on them that is, learned to ignore all the 99% of bullshit and fear mongering because 99% of it does not and will not effect your life unless you are stupid enough to follow it blindly without monitoring or keeping a close eye on it. the PLEB's need to wake up and see it's not "THEM the Elites etc" creating the Tyranny, It's the stupid CUNT PLEB's that are letting them ride over us. The main way they have YOU by the BOLLOCK's is with debt and needing all the brainwashed SHITE they con you into believing you NEED. That is why we now live in a MATRIARCHY of Gynocentric political LUST, because women are WEAK in fact WEAKER than they ever were in history. Women look directly to Sugar daddy Government for trinket's and treats, which one day they will find out are NOT free. The daqy of payback will come and their wont be MEN their to help the slut's because they followed sugar daddy and decided to take to hating on MEN. MEN have NO Obligation to either women or government anymore, for fuck sake we are not even included in their broken system ad yet are expected to prop it up? FUCK OFF you CUNT's! lol!

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