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NBC Feels the Loss of Gay Orgies | Grunt Speak

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Published on 13 Sep 2022 / In Comedy

⁣Monkeypox ruined their lives, so feel bad for them. I guess.
#CrazyDrunkUncles #Monkeypox #PridePox

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NBC Goes Full NPC

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nexus1961 20 days ago

Another really good term for homorgies, is "Rat King".. look that one up.
Not that homorgies is small change, kinda like that one too.

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nexus1961 20 days ago

One good thing about the Coof, it's kept the freakshow on Halloween and NYE from happening in West Homowood for the past 3 years.. gotta find those silver linings where you can!!

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TheLibertarianRebel 21 days ago

Full German Women are a lot of fun!

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GenerationLESS 21 days ago

Here's the pictures of O'Biden's new Monkeypox Deputy. Look at all 3 pics. This guy for sure is an expert.

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Squeaker 21 days ago

Woman is convicted years later from a rape kit she did years prior. What is bad about giving police dna i see these sites 24 and me what ever collecting data so down the road your great great grand child commits a crime linking it back from today your grand parent gave up dna or had a dna swab after an arrets it happened a few years ago to an uncle of a nephew. This violates a persons 4th amendment irony is these family members are not even born yet. https://www.newsbreakapp.com/n..../0htLDqxJ?s=a7&s

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