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My Wife Left Me... Now She Wants Me Back | Ride and Roast

Terrence Popp
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Published on 02 Dec 2020 / In Comedy

⁣A Reddit user lost his wife to the Rooster Rollercoaster. Now that she's had her fill, she wants him back. What should he do?⁣

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https://archive.vn/cAwrT (Reddit thread)
https://archive.vn/s7H79 (Image of the original post)

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FatAlbert 1 month ago

If she cheated on you before, she'll do it again. I promise.

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jmafa1957 2 months ago

Also see "HELL NO."

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john1178 2 months ago

NO, NO, AND NO. She left YOU, rode the cock carousel looking for the Bigger Better Deal and could not find it and then SETTLES FOR YOU!!!!! She did it once , what is to say she will not do it again. Once fidelity and trust is broken / gone, there is no returning. BE STRONG and just say NO FREAKING WAY.....Toss her out and get a T.R.O.- Temporary Restraining Order issued AGAINST HER. She would slap one on YOU in a heart beat. Issuing a TRO is the start of a legal defense strategy which shows the courts that SHE IS NOT WANTED and SHE is the Cause Of Trouble. This helps in a divorce and in claiming ALIMONY. Protect yourself first. You don't know which CHAD / TYRONE baby is in her pink pocket and then CLAIM YOU ARE THE FATHER AND RESPONSIBLE FOR 18-21 YEARS OF BRUTAL DEBT....SO NO, CALL THE POLICE AND GET HER THE HECK AWAY FROM YOU...
DO NOT HAVE ANYTHING FURTHER / SEX TO DO WITH HER.....TRO that bitch to HELL or the the TYRONE of her own doing

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Menwalkaway 2 months ago


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QDLLC 2 months ago

Tonsil butter....

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Madrigal Publishing Ltd

Absolutely spot on as always, bros.

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HornyMeatball 2 months ago

I like the car videos.

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SQUEAK077 2 months ago

Found my now ex long ago cheating on me. Knew a girl clean sex no condom. Went back to the gf who was cheating and no condom. We didn't last long after that but mentally speaking felt good and i will remember it for the rest of my life something that derives over mental anguish almost as good as a woman looking for a child and you put cayenne pepper in a condom and throw into waste paper basket.

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bandersnatch45 2 months ago

She has already showed you, in the most awful way possible, that she doesn't respect you. If you let her back in your life you will have given her carte Blanche to do it again. And you can't even be mad about it the second time because you know exactly what she is.

Cut this one out of your life. The world is filled with slot C. Got forth and find the next one.

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Councilof1 2 months ago

Blake you definitely have a talent.

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Herbalist 2 months ago

My Ex-Bitch crossed the line once. I put an external lock on the bedroom door, gave her 24 hours to decide whether she wanted the condo or to move out. It was OVER!

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Herbalist 2 months ago

So, how many Eskimo Brothers do you have due to your Ex-Bitch's whoreness, Popp?

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RealArtist1969 2 months ago

I live by a certain set of principles.

One of those principles actually applies here.

“If you are going back to the bar you got beat up in, You’re going there to beat the shit out of everyone and then burn the place to the ground on the way out.”

If I were that guy, I’d be nailing all of her friends, even the ugly ones, ESPECIALLY THE UGLY ONES, and then have sex with her mom, because clearly she learned that behavior somewhere. THEN, after I had sufficiently made my ego happy, drop a truth bomb about my “sexuality” by showing her the video of her mom getting a dose of the fudge pack express.

While this might seem downright evil, let me tell you, it’s something that I think sets the tone in any negotiation. If you have an ex who thinks they can run you down and destroy your life, remember you have a video of their mom tied to a bed begging for anal while screaming “I’m a good girl daddy” that you can show not only to your ex, but her dad.

I can tell you from experience that it’s a moment in your life that you will never forget standing there with their dad who has told you that you just were not good enough for his daughter, then saying “Yeah but... Her mom likes me.”

Sometimes the 666 birthmark is hard to hide. Just saying. If you’re going to take someone back, take them back on your terms.

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Sho Shuto
Sho Shuto 2 months ago

She will never love you... T_T

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Hammerhead69 2 months ago

Who watched Hamburger Hill? Fact V.C. and NVA would come in work with us to eat and fatten up then slip back with what they learned.

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Hammerhead69 2 months ago

RUN! Run like hell, fake your death if need be just flee for your life.

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Furioso 2 months ago

Her: Honey ,i finally found myself ,i'm back to offer you presents .Him: Gonorhea ,noooooooooo .

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Subverted Group
Subverted Group 2 months ago

Isn't it called reliving the Stockholm Syndrome?

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Hammerhead69 2 months ago

Retro grade maneuvers are miser in spades.

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scott sanger
scott sanger 2 months ago

these females are EXACTLY the same....... the same lies, the same excuses, the same, After TRP you can spot this a MILE away...... the simps have to stop, listen to reason..... MEN CAN be smart or extremely oneitis stoopid.

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LongRedRoad 2 months ago

sometimes it is HMT.... I don't condone it, but I do understand it

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