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My Wife Is 23 Years Older Than Me - MGTOW

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Published on 12 Dec 2020 / In People & Blogs

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Hi Everyone Sandman Here,

This video is brought to you by a donation from Ms. Anonymous and here's what she's has to say: "Hi Sandman, I don't know if you covered the story of Aaron Taylor-Johnson of the Kick-Ass movies and his career and personal life. Well I'll correct myself, it was never a 'story', but I always thought it should be. I'll leave it there because you'll see what I mean, and I don't want to hear your organic reaction. That being said, I want to recommend the New Blood Revival album 'Nice Girls', it's free on YouTube in The States, not sure about Canada. Every song is a winner in my book, would be fun if you reviewed it. Have a good day and enjoy the rest of this crummy year." Well Ms. Anonymous thanks for the donation and topic. For me this hasn't been a crummy year. It's been the best for me in many ways. 2020 might be the year my life turned around in a major way. These are exciting times for misanthropes and I'm a misanthrope when it comes to female nature. As for the first part of your topic. First of all I'm not sure what you mean by not wanting to hear my organic reaction. That's a term used in the field of chemistry so I'll cover this topic the way I normally do without any chemistry. I didn't realize that Aaron Taylor-Johnson married a woman that's 23 years older than him. I remember seeing him in Kick-Ass and as Quicksilver in the Avengers Age Of Ultron film and then he seemed to have
disappeared from the big blockbuster films. He's wealthy, young, high status and seemingly has it all. Yet he's a with a woman that could easily be his mother's age. Until 3 or four years ago the biggest age difference I saw between couples was six or seven years in cases where the woman was older. There were freak cases like Madonna and her twenty something boy toys. But this doesn't shock me anymore. It was only a matter of time before a famous male actor or celebrity hooked up with a much older woman. Can we really blame him? Can you imagine the attitude and cock carousel rides that female stars have these days? I'll discuss this and more in just a moment. But let me first tell everyone about today's sponsor David Konkel: Anyways now back to clown world. On Aaron's Wikipedia page it says he has two step-children with his wife Samantha as well as two daughters with him. So she has four daughters. God help Quicksilver. He needs those super powers to get the hell out of there. But it doesn't say if they are biological or adopted. I also guess Samantha fancies herself a younger man the way that Yoko Ono did when she got together with John Lennon. It's fitting because she made a film about Lennon's life and Aaron played the part of Lennon. Also back in 1993 she recreated the famous photo with Yoko Ono being embraced by a naked John Lennon. So the film might have been her elaborate fantasy and now she has her Lennon. She
appears to have a John Lennon fetish. I thought at first that she was the reason Aaron's career was waning but he was also in Tenet recently as well as a film I enjoyed recently called Nocturnal Animals.

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zdoctor 3 months ago

i also find when you get married you no longer put any time or money into yourself on average........you fall apart, start watching tv....gain 50 plus lbs and have to endure years of verbal assaults from your wife. i have seen so many couples arguing and i always wonder if he realy wanted to be married. i however never been married and despite it being a bit lonely i use my time constructively to build my business instead of sitting on a couch getting yelled at.

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SQUEAK077 3 months ago

I know asian women where men are perusing like a dogs nut sack is zip tied to the bumper of an old truck. When women hit the wall... i cant wait.

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zdoctor 3 months ago

getting married is like cutting your berries off and giving them to your spouse so she can tell you how toxic you are to be a man.

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hqwebsite 3 months ago

I wonder how many berries she got in her purse?

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captaingabi 3 months ago

I had a lover once for 3 years who was 20 years older than me. She was my bets lover. Here is why I was with her:
- She knew and understood the value difference between us.
- She was very submissive.
- She was very caring and loving, much more than any other girl I had
- I could literally do anything with her sexually
(I could play my step-mommy and milf teacher cosplay fantasies...)
- She had money to finance her part of travels, restaurants etc..., and did so
- She was after menopause
- no fear of sperm-jacking, I could fuck her raw, and come inside always
- no periods, could have sex any time
- interestingly, she still got very wet and aroused (I thought menopause stop that too)
- She had adult kids
- no financing of other`s kids
- no "kids are first", I was actually "first"
- could meet anytime, no restrictions
(but still we met only around 1-2 times a week giving independence for each other)
Here is why she was with me:
- She liked to show off me as a "trophy" (typical male behavior...)
- She liked the sexual energy I had, e.g. fucking 3-5 times per meet.
(She had a very bad opinion about the men in her age, no sexual energy, fatness etc... )
(And this showed me what I can expect when I get old. Quite sad, cause its highly
possible that when I get old, hot sexy women in any age will fuck with me only for

The reason I moved forward cause I got bored of her and she got fat in the last year. (typical human behavior...)

But I can recommend this setup for a couple of years if you can find a sexy milf/gilf in her 40-50-60. The key is after menopause (but still carving for sex), adult kids, and financial independence.

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Sir 3 months ago

Most Women will tend to lose their Sex drive before Men. And likely Women will lose Interest in Sex for the Most part by Menopause or thereabouts at the latest, if not beforehand. And unless those Women really work on themselves .i.e. Diet, Fitness...etc, then they'll have noticeable weight gain, sagging skin, and so Forth during or just a little after Menopause. I'd say, given the information out there, Most Women 50 yrs onward have a very low to Non-Existent Sex drive compared to their Men contemporaries. in general.

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Sir 3 months ago

captaingabi - in Summary, you lucked out in finding the Older Woman you had the 3 yr. relationship with. It was likely her Genetics that made exception to the Rule a little longer than Average before the Weight gain and other things kicked in. Of course, she may have been able to Avoid that happening had she made a good effort towards Diet, Fitness, ...etc. But Most Women especially at those ages 40s, 50s and onward don't want to put any effort that requires work on their part.

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captaingabi 3 months ago

@Sir : I agree. I also had the feeling I got very lucky. When I took her to my place the first time (met her on a concert), I thought she was like in her 30ies. She did mention later that during her young ages, she did 2-3hr fitness 5 days a week. Its a shame she got fat, but anyway I think she was near the end of her sexuality, so I knew in the beginning that this will not be "everlasting"

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scott sanger
scott sanger 3 months ago

there is NO REASON , not a single one for a MAN to ever marry a ; wall smasher, post menopausal female, she has NO VALUE.

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JMGTOW 3 months ago

not just a wall smasher, women of all ages should not be married nowadays. marriage institutions exists to enslave men.

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