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Published on 06 Apr 2021 / In People & Blogs

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My dying mom made me [15F] promise never to tell my dad he's not my biological father.

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Hi Everyone Sandman Here,

This video is brought to you by a donation from Dr. X and he wants me to cover a Reddit post archive which I've linked to in the description called: " My dying mom made me promise never to tell my dad he's not my biological father." and the person is a fifteen year old girl. And here's what that teenage tart has to say and I quote: "My mom died of cancer just under a month ago. A few days before she died my grandma and me were with her and she told us that I am not my dad's biological kid, she had an affair and my biological father is the guy she cheated on my dad with. She asked me if I forgave her and cos she was, you know, dying, I said I forgave her. Then she said it was her dying wish that I never ever tell my dad about it. I didn't really want to promise her that but she and my grandma kept telling me I needed to promise and there wasn't any point in telling my dad and it would only hurt him, so I promised. After my mom died I told my grandma that I felt really guilty keeping it a secret from my dad because I feel like he deserves to know. She told me that I would only be ruining his memory of his dead wife and breaking his heart for no reason, and if I told him she would never speak to me again because I would be ruining my mom's reputation. She also said if he knew he might not even want me anymore. I don't have any other family except my grandma and my dad and his parents who live in another country so I don't want to lose my grandma and possibly lose my dad or damage my relationship with him. I'm in therapy but my therapist can't like tell me whether to tell him or not, and I want advice on if I should tell him or not, and if I should tell him how I should go about telling him. So reddit, what do I do here?" Unquote. Well Dr. X thanks for the donation and topic. I'll cover what this fifteen year old girl should do in just a moment but let me first tell everyone about today's sponsor The MGTOW Book Collection: Anyway, now back to the cucked clown world show. If I were this girl before I told the cuck I call dad first I'd go out and try to find my real dad Chad. I also found it ridiculous that the grandmother, her actual flesh and blood grandma would stop talking to her and never forgive her. Of course she's going to forgive her she's flesh and blood. That grandma sounds like an awful person exploiting her fifteen year old granddaughters fears against her. Women fear of being alone with no family. Of course Grandma probably wouldn't do that because she's probably old and lonely too but she knows that women hate being all alone. But maybe grandma is rely on the cuck to chauffer her around and help her bring the heavy groceries into her abode? Of course the fifteen year old girl, let's call her cuckerella can keep the secret. If women can keep their sexual notch count secret from their husbands and boyfriends then she can keep this one too. The question she has is should she tell him or keep it a secret? The longer she waits if she does say something the more complicated the situation becomes. If for example she tells him in a year or two he's going to be pissed off that his not so own daughter and not so own mother betrayed him after his wife died and she also betrayed him by cucking him with cuckerella. That man's red pill is so big it's more like a fist sized sepository. I'm torn, just like that guys ass will be torn with a sepository that size on wether this guy should know or not. His only child isn't his it's Chads. His wife cheated. This could drive a man to suicide. I would be really torn telling this man even if I knew and it wasn't going to cause me any problems. Also this girl asked a therapist for help. That's something a lot of people make mistakes with. Therapists aren't supposed to tell you what to do or they can lose their licenses. I remember when I was in a long term relationship by ex got pissed because therapists didn't tell me what to do so she got me a life coach and he wasn't licensed so he actually did tell me what to do and I got into a fight with him and wouldn't speak to him again and that just pissed her off more. No one should rob someone else of their personal choice.

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Vandetta 5 days ago

Look if you actively know how something is meant to work, I.e in this case the plan of not to tell, then you are not a bystander, your participating.

If she didn't know, then she wouldn't be participating.

She can either take the rout to finish participating in the plan by telling her stepdad, or she can wait until he dies and everyone forgets.

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Sardonic Smile
Sardonic Smile 6 days ago

Muslims are right about women.
End both those females and be done with it.

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with regards to the MRA's, be BIG, Sandman!

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havok545 7 days ago

What a thunder-cunt! Even on her death bead! WTH?!
Surprised about Diana Davidson I like her.
"It's 5 o' clock and I haven't been raped yet." - Diana Davidson.

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to be fair Davison is so ugly that even a male feminist wouldn't rape her

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havok545 7 days ago

She helps innocent men in this screwed up gynocracy for that I'd do her. I'd even bring my A game. If she was a tubbo then sorry couldn't help her eveyrone has their limits and this face only sits about 100-120lbs max and yes as long as I have a face she'll always have a place to sit. I count EATING at the Y as one of my hobbies.

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@havok545: ewww

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ElHombreporsuCuenta 7 days ago

What a tremendous story.

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Giridhar12345 7 days ago

Wow... emotional blackmail even on the deathbed. Female nature is irreparable

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