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My Body Bag, My Choice | Grunt Speak Live

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Published on 08 Sep 2022 / In Film & Animation

⁣When you have half the country attempting to normalize mental problems, sooner or later it’s gonna backfire. Join Hammerhand and the Crazy Drunk Uncles to find out what’s up tonight at 8pm Eastern!
#GruntSpeakLive #Hammerhand #NorahVincent
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Terry has never heard of "Bug Chasers"? - People who actively go out and try to get infected with nasty venereal diseases.
These cunts deserve head shots.
One for being insane.
Two for being a blight on society, the community, other idiots who try to fuck with you, and use up medical resources, that should be going to people who genuinely need it.

Fuck them.

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At 1:23:50 - with that massively fat bitch jumping on that guy - he should knife that fucking whale for that shit....

It's pervert sex and 400 pounds of fat bitch jumping on you - it's fucking dangerous...

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The battery fires are ELECTRO-CHEMICAL fires - inside the battery - it's a bunch of electrons - burning up the battery - as they flare up across to the side of the battery with fuck all electrons - burning up the flammable electrolyte and the metals that burn up easy when hot.

It's sort of like a massive short acting arc welder / sub station internally shorted transformer... except the FIRE is the battery self discharging internally.

The flames you see externally are the unreacted HOT gasses combining with the gasses in the atmosphere, but the core of the fire, is the internal parts of the battery sort of going "Nuclear" with themselves, in an internal discharge.

It's like a whole heap of brake fluid reacting with a chlorine pool tablet inside a work site portable cement mixer - the reaction is inside the cement mixer, but your seeing all the flames and shit blowing out the big hole at the top.

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FantasticFIsh 25 days ago

gnight gents

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Ballisticzero 25 days ago

Deuces yall. Stay frosty out there.

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