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My Aunt Is A Feminist Professor! Help! - MGTOW

Published on 11 Aug 2022 / In People & Blogs

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Hi Everyone Sandman Here,

This video is brought to you by a donation from Mr. Anonymous and here's what he has to say: "Hi Sandman! It all started four years ago, it was the last election year in Brazil with Balsanaro winning and feminists began an aggressive campaign against him that pretty much influenced all the girls in my family (except from my sister) and a male gay cousin to shame the rest of us who would gonna vote for him. Most of the times they would say things that only implied I was a sexist and a homophobe for simply voting differently than them. I was in my blue pill days at the time but fortunately nature has not given me a complete useless brain. I had been debating them on gender issues for quite a while before that because I always suspected something was wrong with their worldview. But they were trying to manipulate me and appeal to my need for validation to get what they wanted. Which was for me to vote for the left. I felt shame not voting the way they did but today I would be proud of my choice just to piss them off. But shaming bs wasn't working anymore. The more anyone of them debated me, the more ridiculous they looked. I managed to expose everyone's double standards so masterfully that they started looking bad to one another. But I was still resented. I suspected my cousins were being brainwashed by my aunt, a communist professor at an university, and I tried to provoke some sort of challenge to her in front of everyone so I could expose her bs. I wanted to challenge whom it seemed at the time to be the puppet master. She came to me "secretly" knowing I vote for the opposition and said "I would definitely not date anyone who votes for that guy". And I simply answered "I understand. And I'm pretty sure even when a man votes for who you want the relationships still wouldn't work out". She simply goes nuts at this point and starts trying to provoke some kind of reaction by screaming out loud who she was going to vote for. I just ignored her.Until one day she comes again and starts another round of powerplay by trying to anticipate anything I would say to justify calling me a misogynist. Again, she fails. Then she tries to victimize my mother by telling me back in the day my father was an oppressive man for the horrible crime of earning more than my mom. Not only did I let her know I'm very much aware my mom is grateful for my father's provision, I exposed her double standard by pointing out she was victimizing a woman for honoring her gender role but demonizing a man for honoring his. A week after that she gets drunk at a family party and tries to kiss me. That's right. My aunt tries to kiss me, in front of her husband. I didn't see that coming. I guess I was so focused on getting some sort of revenge by frustrating every woman who took advantage of my blue pill days that I forgot how much attractive a red pill man can be. I could tell my cousins had some attraction to me but it only got weird when my aunt tried to kiss me. Got any advice for me?" Well Mr. Anonymous thanks for the donation and topic. My advice would be to take your cousins and aunt to bed immediately in a great big family hoe down. Just kidding. I'll discuss your case in a moment but let me first tell everyone about today's sponsor The MGTOW Book Collection part 2:

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Drums_McBashington 1 year ago

You have no obligation to like or associate with your relatives.

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WMHarrison94 1 year ago

Oh, I just thought of a cool T-shirt: Front: Man Up? Back: Sure After You Kitchen Up. BITCH (vertical) so a tree-like image. What do you think? Oh, I have been thinking that we should buy those MGTOW rings in case we run into one another in the wastelands after America and Canuckistan's collapses.

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WMHarrison94 1 year ago

As always, good video Sandman. I think it is appropriate for you to do a Sandman (the Netflix series I think it is} review. I guess I should muster some money to pay you to watch it...

by the way: Well, I guess the Feds are here. White House has a channel/account on MGTOW.tv!

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WMHarrison94 1 year ago

I was told Amr mirrored that White House channel to keep tabs on it.

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Mgvember 1 year ago

I'd be shocked by this if I didn't already hit my degenerate limit for the day, ratioing whoremaxxer.

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