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Mulatto warns his own race about Zionist

Published on 19 May 2022 / In Film & Animation

One of the funniest speeches I have ever seen.

No doubt in my mind that mgtow/blackpill people have higher IQs or at least average.
But its important to remember having a high IQ does not mean success. It often means you have to make yourself retarded to talk to other people. And you will experience lots lonelyness in your whole life. It also means that you probably have a lot of negativite information in your head. Which makes you unpleasant to be around.

True geniuses like Nickola Tesla and Isaac Newton
and Albert Einstein they usually dont get to pass down there genes.
Women are atracted to success not intelligence. To be successful you often need to do the stupid thing, and have unrealistic believes.
not only that but intelligence can be a multiplyer to your life decisions.

-Use leverage to get rich or to put yourself in to debt.

-Using testosterone to have good health, or mess up your body permanently.

-Taking vitamin to improve your health, or getting poison by the heavy metal conent in the cheap vitamin bottles .

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TheDemonKing 2 years ago

the 1% of black people who actually realize the truth are a tragic bunch
they are buried under a mountain of every stupid marxist black person. And every one of them would lie through their teeth to save their own skin,which means the 1% are impossible to find
Thankfully at least 15% of white people are not marxist and are anti Jew,probably more who are just too worried to admit to it. But the brown and black people's populations are almost entirely marxist
I do feel bad,but this situation is what slave camps A and B are for. They're gonna act as a sifter to find the very few blacks/browns who aren't brainwashed by Jewish marxists through a process of observation and then elimination. A marxist can't keep their mouth shut about it for very long,they'll insult white people or free market economics or say something else which is totally insane. All it takes is time and careful constant observation to filter out the ones who are worth keeping around.
Plus their men are disposable thankfully,because white men fucking their women is still most likely to produce more of their own race and fewer white babies. Which means all of the ornery racist Jew-controlled marxist browns/blacks can be gotten rid of or at least castrated and it won't mean genocide against their entire race. White sperm can impregnate brown women with no genocidal consequences,but it's not the case the other way around.
This is the silver lining around all this racial conflict. We can win,kick their asses,enslave and castrate all the bad ones who won't surrender completely who are almost all men and fuck all of their women.....and we won't wipe out their phenotype from the planet earth.
There are solutions which do not involve genocide. Sure they aren't "nice" or "kind" or "principled" or "moral" solutions but they do actually work.
I would love to save my white race,destroy the Jews and end all worship of their god,and forever stop the anti white racism from browns/blacks WITHOUT committing a complete and total genocide against them. Just because they want to genocide my entire white race does not make me genocidal. I do believe it can most likely be avoided as long as the future generations of them aren't brainwashed with marxist Jewish anti white racism and be taught differently instead. Yes this does involve taking away all the children and preventing contact after breastfeeding.But it's the only way to ensure NONE of them believe in the Jewish marxist insanity in the future.
They can be defeated,they can be fixed but it's gonna take a lot of death and a generation of slavery to keep their brainwashed asses the hell away from the children so they don't become like them and make us HAVE to genocide their races.

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TheDemonKing 2 years ago

Just because I want to save my own people my own race from their races doesn't mean I HAVE to permanently erase them from the planet. I'd rather have all races exist and add monster girls and stuff too,preserve everyone and also use genetic engineering to INCREASE genetic diversity for all groups. Plus we're gonna be going into space soon. and having every type of human able to colonize and even genetically splice with local wildlife means we could live on every habitable world without problems. Live in every potential habitable climate without problems. And then they'll be multiple planets of white people so we won't ever be under threat again because we'll be colonizing the universe. Plus we've gotta get along with aliens and wiping out ALL other types of human would have lasting effects on our ability to coexist with other intelligent life. There are long term benefits to preventing genocide and embracing genetic engineering.....of course while keeping original DNA stock of everyone in ethnostates which eventually become ethno-planets

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