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Most Women Are Losers

Alpha Male Lifestyle
Published on 08 Oct 2021 / In People & Blogs


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Bobby_Onii_Chan 3 months ago

Looks like you're in the same boat as Hammerhand...who is also over 6 feet and lots of cash...

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Emre 3 months ago

Watch the new Dating-data. Shocking!!! https://youtu.be/jPuQ1Wjd2Rk

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MilleRacks 3 months ago

5’4 is actually average is female height. Anything below 5’4 is short for women. I personally like tall women.

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11mangogreentea 3 months ago

Amr i love your "Niggaz" accent bro. LMAO

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mrghoster 3 months ago

If you are NOT in the sixes and have lot's of money? Well all the more to treat yourself. Get a nice apartment or house, that classic Car or Motorcycle if you want, but do it because YOU want it, not to try and impress a dry hole in a pair of panties! lol! I'm on my own out of choice, I have a Motorcycle I paid cash for NEW (my cash), I have my own place where I can do WTF I like, I have no debt. But it is all for me and not to attract validation from a fefail, because I'm MGTOW Monk. When I was younger fefails treated me like shit and even the one mistake of marriage was a waste of time, so I do WTF for ME now? I'm not being selfish as the fefails moan, but more playing "CATCH UP" for the times in my life they wasted!

I no longer look at women, avoid talking to them and god forbid any eye contact is made! lol! I ignore them when they need help i refuse to help women, so lady's don't get a flat on a wet windy night I'll drive straight past these day's! If after 50 years of feminism you cant do something as MANLY as change a wheel, then fuck you bitches! lol!

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