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Most Victims Are Men (But No One Cares) | Popp Culture

Terrence Popp
Terrence Popp
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Published on 31 Jul 2020 / In Comedy

⁣So it turns out that even geriatric male feminists still virtue signal to try and get their hands on some body positive poon.

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HairyMonkey 6 days ago

23:49 The but of the day!

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DarkDan65 8 days ago

So glad you are posting the whole video here. F U Tube. Your videos are helping me cope. Found your channel back in 2015, It was a year after my wife passed away, and I found out that she was cheating on me for years with my "Army Buddy". Because of you I was
able to handle the mess in my head and not hop out of my meat suit. As one old soldier, thanks and keep up the fight.

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If animals get abused, believe all animals. #BarkToo #MeowToo #AnimalLivesMatter

   4    0

Most victims are indeed men and I've lost count of all the times I tried to commit suicide but it really cut my lifespan by a lot always coming out of ICUs and everything. You only get one lifetime and when you die and go to the void of nonexistence then I stoically digress.

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James Peterson II
James Peterson II 10 days ago

i miss the halftime strip show :( :(

   5    0
SQUEAK077 11 days ago

It also said let your women be silent in church fuck the 19th amendment. Too bad they did not have me t00 during the sinking of the titanic. What about the MARINE who spent 5 yrs in prison over a false rape did anything happen to that girl when she went on fb talked to a girl she didnt know saying it was all fake and it came out as she lied nothing happened. Now look at the man who was attacked by an ex wife who fabricated his number voice got a protection order kept saying he was calling her and then went after his new gf her child and cps and it came out as this woman was psycho. I swear talk about police have their heads up their ass seattle police i laugh over the go funding they do not investigate shit and knew many men get screwed over by these cops not doing common sense research . Here is the evidence they do not look at their fb cell phones or emails.

   3    0
Maverick7508 11 days ago

See, I could have excused a little HMT. But, I cannot see the kids dying unless they were already on the path to being serial killers. Saw a chick that had kids like that once, kinda felt sorry for them but there was no saving those kids by the time I saw them.

   3    0
CoachDeano 11 days ago

A Ute is like a pickup but the front (engine and cab) is from a full.size saloon car. whereas pickup does not have a saloon car version.

   2    0
doczg88 11 days ago

Male feminist is the lowest form of men there is.

   11    0
Max Bishop
Max Bishop 11 days ago

They aren't even men. They're women who look like men.

   6    0
MadrigalTV 11 days ago

I've started my own online publishing company to strike back at all the anti-white, anti-men, anti-common sense bullshit in the world. Any aspiring writers, get in touch! It's a new project and I'm doing it all solo, so don't be expecting all the bells and whistles on the website just yet!

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VaperGamer 11 days ago

good idea but if I dont know who I am dealing with... no name no phone no photo, how can i trust you if i submit my content to you... and that is the problem, what if I am a leftist feminist piece of shit that is hunting mgtow? sorry but this is not something I can trust... as I am a writer struggling to get recognized...

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Shadow Monk
Shadow Monk 11 days ago

Women are defective human beings!

   1    0
Foxhoundgrunt 12 days ago

Holy shit, didn't realize it was a male author who wrote this until halfway through the video. With all the blaming, complaining and lack of accountability, thought it was a female for sure.

   9    0
celticgaurdian1400 12 days ago

Self five!

   1    0
biochemmolgen 12 days ago

Feminism creates BPD women
Islam creates NPD men
BPD women go for NPD men

   3    0
Foxhoundgrunt 12 days ago

Holy fucking shit....

   0    0
VaperGamer 11 days ago

whats bpd and npd?

   0    0
MortRigo 11 days ago

@VaperGamer: NPD = narcissistic personality disorder and BPD = borderline personality disorder

   3    0
James Peterson II
James Peterson II 10 days ago

those women arent worth anyones time anyway, as good as .... same as women with tattoos only good for fucking

   1    0
pauljh74 10 days ago

@MortRigo: Just use Narbipolbitchistic to cover all bases

   1    0
biochemmolgen 8 days ago

@VaperGamer: BPD=borderline personality disorder. NDP=narcissist personality disorder. Both are classified as cluster b disorders (along with histrionic personality disorder and antisocial personality disorder)

   1    0
biochemmolgen 8 days ago

@biochemmolgen: I'm just surprised that no one is bringing up the parallels between BPD and feminism.

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Delilah Despised
Delilah Despised 12 days ago

BAD Popp women have committed the biggest genocide in history yet you never hear the BolshiFem Gender Terrorists speak about it. As for women not committing domestic violence according to these Gender Terrorists I give you one of the worst feminine violence offenders known as Robin Lee Rowe. Check out the article.

   1    0
leonardpin 12 days ago

The book, SURVIVING FOURTH WAVE FEMINISM, should have an audio version too.

   5    0
LongRedRoad 12 days ago

another one in the win column, Thanks Popp

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ironmanjakarta 12 days ago

Women are like dogs, the nicer you are to them, the more aggressive and abusive they get until eventually they bite you.

   4    0
Hammerhead69 12 days ago

Australia has a lot of Men murdered by the female or her side piece GF. Some have whacked more than once, so be careful where you stick your dick.

   1    0
linkovic23 12 days ago

Self Five!

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