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More American Men Have Said SCREW Fatherhood!! Now SUFFER!!!

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Published on 25 Nov 2022 / In People & Blogs

Search "⁣New study identifies an increasing disinterest in fatherhood among childless men in the United States."

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Quoshi 2 months ago

As it stands, a woman can strategically no-fault divorce you when your income is at its highest, securing lifetime alimony that does not decrease as you get older. And when you can no longer pay, you go to prison. And let's not forget the "silver bullet" all she has to do is cry in the family court one or two times and she can get you punished for any number of crimes without any evidence. Men have decided that giving a woman this much power over your life is UNWISE. The system needs to change before men will want to have children - or be in any relationship whatsoever - again.

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30203forever 2 months ago

I would have kids if I could do it without women being around....

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havok545 2 months ago

1/3 of men don't have kids cause they're geniuses!!

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jDAM92 2 months ago

I was only 9 yrs old when I realized that I never wanted kids. I'm 30 now with no kids

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bigintol03 2 months ago

I knew that when I was 5! lol

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SOUKadath 2 months ago

1/3 of men have no children.
3/3 of men are still paying for children they did not create thanks to confiscatory taxation and the welfare state.

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