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Moose on the Loose: Elk swings by Alaska movie theater, munches popcorn

Published on 28 Apr 2023 / In News & Politics

A moose wandered into Kenai Cinemas in Alaska, snacking on popcorn and dipping into a garbage can, to pull out a fast food box, which stuck over his snout while he was making his great escape.

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That is nice looking pop corn...... Glad that the chick behind the counter was like, "Oh yeah - it's a moose.... Yeah nice weather we are having to day.... Yeah Yeah". I fucking hate it when women start freaking out and shrieking and their idiot white knight husbands come to the rescue and they ALL do nothing except make the entire situation worse.... and if the retarded bitch had of just stood there admiring the wonders of nature - the creature would have just done it's thing, turned around and left...

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