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Monday Motor Madness # 50 - GTOhhh Boy!


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Published on 18 Sep 2023 / In Film & Animation

#shorts #gto #1970 #pontiac #supercharged #70gto @SweatyFatGuy

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Shrike777 8 days ago

Thx for the sound clip at the end. Always love to hear what a beast sounds like.

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I am a fan of that true original greenskin color just not a fan of that rear spoiler modded on it looked cheap and trashy to me and doesn't deserve to be on an awesum classic car like that that's just me though.

Thank you Billy on another great MOTÖR MADNESS Godbless and Godspeed \G/

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OH GOD Brother Billy you never disappoint what a MOTÖR, THAT GTO ENGINE certainly got my MOTÖR running haha :D and great Rock n Roll Music to go with it and that engine sound will always sound better than any "Electric trash Engine" AMERICAN MUSCLE ALL THE WAY and best getaway car to Steal Globalist scum and their money from them.

That engine though and body work makes me Brother FASTDAK go OH GOD like a pair of pizza pepperoni pimple face popping Teenagers and say things like " That's RAD man" haha

Thank you brother Billy \G/

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