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Published on 09 Sep 2020 / In People & Blogs

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I Stand With Sophie

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Hi Everyone Sandman Here,

This video is brought to you by a donation from Granola Borg and here's what he has to say: "Yo Sandman, Fresh off the presses there seems to be a father who is POWERLESS to protect his daughter from sexual abuse from the mother's boyfriend. I'm posting a link for you to share. Please cover this as I do believe this father needs support to protect his child. This kind of thing sickens me not only because it has to deal with men's rights but also child abuse. Maybe we can do something. I don't know? I believe this particular case to be legit. Also I'm definitely interested in book." Well Granola Borg thanks for the donation and topic. The StandForSophie hashtag is trending and Sydney Watson posted on Twitter and I quote: "I'd like to direct your attention to this 9 year old girl who is allegedly being sexually abused by her mother's boyfriend (while the mother watcher). Her father is trying to get full custody, but nobody appears to be listening. This video is horrifying". unquote. Yes Granola Borg I shared that same video you shared with me in the description. Either this little girl is telling the truth or she needs to get into acting and be in the remake of Steven Spielberg's ET the Extraterrestrial. The judge probably thinks that it's all an act the father told her to put on so that she could be with him instead of her mother. I'll delve deeper into this story in just a moment but let me first tell everyone about today's sponsor The Brave Browser: Anyways, now back to the show. So Sophie in Texas says in her video the Mommy watches it happen. When I did searches in news articles for this topic a few days after it started trending there was only one search result. The rest were about Sophie in the Royal Family. Most of the mainstream media has seemingly dropped the ball on this. They are probably too busy eating pizzas and sniffing the hair of youngsters like Sleepy Joe. The video of Sophie was posted by her father and step-mother and there was also a gofundme campaign that was setup to help them fight for the custody of Sophie. As of scripting this video it had already collected almost two hundred thousand dollars. As I was saying earlier some people might think that Sophie's father would convince her to act like that so that he could use the footage to get back at ther mother but the thankfully the police believe the story and don't think it's just crocodile tears. The Frisco Police Department has made a statement saying that the child in this case is now in a safe location and that they have taken Sophie away from her mother. What I also found interesting yet unsurprising is that some people online were claiming that the man playing patty cake with Sophie was a police officer and the police were quick to make sure that everyone knew he never was a cop nor affiliated with them. Looks to me like Black Lives Matter might have been
trying to exploit the situation for political outrage. Case closed right?

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VBLAKEROSE 7 months ago

The video is not playing right now.

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RoboCat 7 months ago

Unfortunately that type of thing isn't as uncommon as people might think.

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Gfw5th 7 months ago

I really think this society needs to devolve. The mother, boyfriend and judge all need to have a tragic lethal accident. Wtf is wrong with these people?

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Navigator of none
Navigator of none 7 months ago

That racoon and squirrel are urbanites, they are so used to humans giving them food and shelter. Hell, even deers and wild animals go near humans.
That kind of animal behavior has been going on for decades, maybe even for generations.

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Councilof1 7 months ago

I think I watched that vid on another video site. Broke my heart and made me incredibly angry. Just brutal. That's beyond messed up that the mother still has custody considering she was enabling a pedophile. As far as I'm concerned that women is just as bad as the pedo boyfriend.

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She's worse than the pedo boyfriend because she actively enables that pedo.

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Free_Dolphin 7 months ago

This is just awful. I saw the I stand with Sophie video in the description, there is no way in hell she's acting. The mother, boyfriend, judge and grandma are all evil.

Edit: This video is even worse

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SQUEAK077 7 months ago

Choose who you sleep with and marry. Why there was a reason a man i worked with pipelining long ago kept his wife and child in asia didnt bring them here. I have seen so much even a friend in the us army back a month 2 daughters suicide by cop 3 cops 11 bullets no gun seen it all good men even long ago almost kicked out of a wedding told a friend 20 min before the wedding run man this chick is 19 i was almost told to leave. 3 yrs later 2 kids divorce she was fucking around. Good men i used to be friends with since kids lost to marriages i am single i do not fit the part of that friend or a controlling wife. Women get married kids and want the single life and monthly check deposited on auto for 20 fucking years seen it all.

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sorearm 7 months ago

Father has been granted sole custody ...

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pirania 7 months ago

WTF !!

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