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Modern Women Launch A DESPARATE Attempt To Get Men To Start Approaching Them Again

Published on 08 Jul 2024 / In Entertainment

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CircuitDoc1 4 days ago

These females are shopping for Prince Charming while dressed like concubines. They dress like prostitutes and wonder why only creeps approach them. Do the math, garbage in = garbage out.

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somelameguy 5 days ago

Hellsing Abridged Ep 1; "See, that would be intimidating.. if you were, well, intimidating?"
"But why don't they approach me?"
"Because they have a brain."
"What's that supposed to mean?"
"They also have eyes."
"... what!?"
"They watched you, and everyone like you, do this, time and time again. They know."
"They know what?"
"They understand women, and they can see you're over 30; they know you're not worth it... even if you weren't a lying back-stabbing skank with more diseases than a biolab."
"... you asshole!"
"Have a nice day."
Anyone can walk away from an obvious lie... the truth though, the bitter miserable truth... that's the kind of thing that inspires undying grudges and the primal hate that leads people to tear one other apart with their bare hands... because there's no real defense from it.

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WMHarrison94 5 days ago

Isn't a delusion, a simple defense though from the Truth?

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sauger1001 5 days ago

Just more shaming language. Some waaahmen will NEVER learn, bc they choose to not learn. Look! More men #walkingaway!
The Sisterhood: "OH! Who hurt you?!? Are you GAAAY?!? REEEEEE!"

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Leader_Desslok 6 days ago

the woman @ 12:00 has it backwards ( as usual ) . it was the rise of masculine women that created strong independent women that didn't need a man for anything . especially being around to teach his son how to be a man . as a result the single moms feminized the boys to the point where they are so sick of women that they just don't want to approach one . this is not fear . it is self preservation.

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WMHarrison94 6 days ago

Coffee Shop? Damn... I don't remember the last time I was in a coffee shop? Last year once or twice or was it a year two or three ago... before the Plandemic? Damn... I hadn't thought about coffee shops... all those lonely baristas and their whipped cream... hmmm... almost sounds like a good time, and she makes you a sandwich! Damn, when was the last time I went into a Barnes and Nobles? They still open?

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