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Modern Women Are Hitting the Wall FLAT

Published on 17 Apr 2024 / In Film & Animation

I've noticed these types of video'ss are quite popular when I took a look at my viewing number's so heres another one, with those deluded and confuded women who refuse to do anything about their own plight. These women are DULLY aware of the situsation, but fail to do anything about it and expect a Captain Sava Hoe to magically appear out of the Ether. It ain'ty gonna' happen. MEN have had enough, and have and continue to WALK. In fact you could say women are so transparant in thier denial that they are now invisible to good MEN. Guy's YOU do NOT need a fefaail, they are pathetic, stupid, ignorant and will use you EVERUY time to rip you off and damage your soul. So just enjoy weomen by laughing at them, for that is all the wqorth they now have is to be ridiculed for their actions against MEN. The WALL come so it's said when a women reaches 30? i think it arrives far sooner than that these day's when you factor in MEN have lost interst. We hear how lonely they are but this is totally self created with their shitty and very ignorant lack of knowledge about MEN. You see lady's MEN don't need you anymore as if we probable ever did ouitsiode of the mythical PUSSY POWER, that like PAIR BONDING has shriveled to nothing due to womens own hatred and anger that overrides them becuase they just wont or cant admit THEY ARE WRONG. So happy Box wine and cat evenings to them all, let them off load their failings on their cat's, The Cat's by the way don't care anymore than any logical sane MANM either.

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profhugodegaris 1 month ago

is that Americans are much more likely to be religious, believing in things like life after death, virgin births, sons of gods, miracles, angels, etc., whereas Europeans are more likely to see such beliefs as prescientific fairy stories, and look down on American religiosity, seeing religious Americans as 21st. century, isscienate, peasants.

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mrghoster 1 month ago

Not a good analogy. I'm English and although not a PRACTASING Say Christian although I was born Church Of England, I believe (maybe not so much in the same way), in life after death, Moral's and sToicism, not harming anyone consciously etc. Science after Covid is a shambles and I don't trust it at all these day's because science is going through what religion went through in the dark ages. Christianity in the UK anyway is waining badly, and we know this because all the more female lunatic fringe ideals on belief are coming forward, things like Wicca and Witch Craft, Crystals and all that post hippy CRAP women come up with, although WICCA was a 1930's invention, created oddly by an old MAN! I have a couple of friends that are devout Christians and we beg to differ on one or two points we are good friends. when it comes to women, they have never known the way forward really even in ancient history and myth like Pandora and her Box, Lilith Adam's first wife, mentioned I think about twice in the bibble if that? Then Eve made from the rib of Adam, she couldn't take no for an answer either. then look at the EVIL Queens as well as Kings that used religion to usurp thye masses not for the benefit of GOD but for their own selfish need's. I think your comparison is a bit simplistic, please don't be offended it isn't meant in that light at all but remember American is a Nation created by the World at a time when religion and politics was going through a great change. Peace my friend.

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Lucifer333 1 month ago

Absolutely correct,..., depends also on region, agro regions more primitive, .., although euros do tend suck up to pislam.,,,

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Councilof1 1 month ago

Here's an idea ladies: shut the fuck up and just do it. Wtf does "normal" have to do with anything? Considering what passes for normal why would you want to do anything considered "normal". My definition of normal has been "normal is what everyone else is and I am not".

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sauger1001 1 month ago

Is it "FLAT", or "SPLAT"? LMAO!

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Yep...... They MAKE choices and decisions that take them in particular directions and then when stranded on the feminist scrap heap of life, they go, "Where are all the GOOD men gone?"

As they are old, infertile, and have a head full of retarded shit....

Unmarriagable and unfuckable..


Question what they are fed, or go swimming in the group think of terminal "#metoo" stupidity?

Why ghost them if you can avoid them in the first place.

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SoloMan Zone
SoloMan Zone 1 month ago

They "Want" but have no idea what they want, they just Want

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