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Modern Women Are BITTER Because Men Are Going Their Own Way

Published on 18 May 2024 / In Entertainment

Original Video - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dSUBui0EIL0

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Villainous Jack
Villainous Jack 23 days ago

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Yes, your Australian accent is odd.
No, I will not have sex with you if you change it. Stop asking.

I thought this video would be extra sexy, with three gingers as the video pic...
Turns out, it was a bunch of complaints about the women's own choices!

Here I am thinking its going to be Cassandra Peterson (without the black wig), Bernadette Peters, and Amouranth tryings to convince me to get in the hottub naked... instead it's Dale Dicky, Kathy Griffith, and Adele talking amount my "toxic masculinity" because I believe "flowers" should be delivered STRAIGHT TO THE POOPER" because that is the best place to find "wet fertilizer"!

Man I shouldn't have started drinking at noon...

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remarksman 24 days ago

I stagger back in awe at the utter cluelessness of the post-wall Western woman. She is a horror and a travesty, and is to be avoided like the plague that she is.

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Stalwart 24 days ago

You are absolutely correct that these women wasted their young, fertile, attractive years by screwing around. They are the ones who have wasted that time and made that choice. When they get to >=30, and they still haven't found anyone even though they've had massive advantages up to that age and even a bit beyond, it's usually completely their fault. There are some crappy guys out there, but there are plenty of good ones who are looking for actual commitment, but the women rule those guys out for all of those years, and they absolutely don't appreciate goodness. They say they do, but I'd swear in a court of law that they don't. The goodness of a guy will turn them off even if he has a very good body.
It's a staggering advantage the women have early on, and to utterly waste that level of privilege, which reaches beyond that of a famous rock star, is ridiculous. Even rock stars wouldn't be given so many free things, chances, and favours. The one exception I can think of which can take the blame off of the woman to some degree, is if a women chose a guy who literally turned out to be something like a highly proficient liar, abuser, and cheater. However, most of the time it's the women doing that stuff with the minority of men. (See the dating app stats where the women "only date up".)

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Villainous Jack
Villainous Jack 23 days ago

Humanity needs more Monsters in world, so that women will appreciate what "White Knights" do for them... TURN IN YOUR SILVER ARMOR AND PUT ON THE KNAVE'S BLACK! YOU WANKER!

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Oh God if woman No. 1 wasn't bad enough..... Blondo at 7:30...

Just groaning... face down onto the keyboard.....

My fucking brain hurts.

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Yeah not into guys who tell me not to let her son play with disney dolls - probably pink unicorns, and Barby Dolls, and Baby pee pants... INSTEAD of a toy truck.... and air planes and all sorts of good things....

Why is he playing with dolls? Because his pierced up, tatted up, fucked up fat retard of a mother bought them for him - and that is all he has to play with - because that is also the only thing the he IS allowed to play with.....

And if Her / She will not allow He / Him to have any based ideas in her presence, of course will leave.

I bet Dumb / Fuck is lining up to make her boy wear dresses, use the right pronouns and is taking whore moans - as a way to stop him from growing into a man, which will compliment his lack of a dick and a free pus pocket - so he will not be a misogynist and sexist patriarchal oppressor of women....

AND if so, I hope the boy wakes up to her psychotic bullshit, and carves her up with a hunting knife in her own bed.

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Villainous Jack
Villainous Jack 23 days ago

There is a reason some of the scarest movies are about gender questioning psychotics such as "Summer Camp", " The Crying Game", and "Mrs. Doubtfire". Society trying Normalize such freakish behavior, suggests one should take a Machette to the voting booth, not a #2 pencil...

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