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Modern Woman SHOCKED When Man Doesn’t Simp For Her!

Published on 29 May 2023 / In Entertainment
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SteveOUK 4 months ago

Biggest problem with this video is the use of "ideal" in all the descriptors. Replace that with "good" man and you'll get a better result.

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usr6874038614 4 months ago

Do the dishes whenever you see fit - vs - stress everyday over stuff your boss has pushed on you. Tough choice...

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DutchCobbler 4 months ago

"Plus size" is just the nice way of saying "fat", and furthers fat acceptance by manipulating language because "plus" sounds less critical and more positive than "fat". Obese is just a medical term. Before "plus size" the fact acceptance language was "big boned", and back then we all knew better.

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