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Modern Warfare 2 - Tutorial + opening mission

Published on 01 Dec 2020 / In Gaming

⁣If you are like me and have decided to wait until all the bugs of Cold War have been ironed out, I recommend going back and playing Modern Warfare 2. The gameplay mechanics still hold up really well and the graphics look acceptable. If I have time I will also upload some multiplayer action.

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KEEPER 2 years ago

relodging after only 3 bullets shot lol.
can you imagine real life solders doing this in real life lol basically throwing away most of their bullets in any conflict. but video game logic, you just put the unused bullets back in the clip when you reloaded lol.

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Inslayerclone 2 years ago

this was my first call of duty game

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Grin_Reaper 2 years ago

IMO it represents the pinnacle of the series.

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